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Martial Arts Banned in Canada?


Has anyone heard anything about this? What is the validity of this?

Here is the link:


What a socialist nightmare that once proud country has become.

How much longer till we have sissies like this completely running the show in the US?


Oh geez, lets jump off the deep end and castigate Canada or something.

I believe the idea is that there should not be private fights for money. A contest with a winner that gets some type of title or prize. You know, like you see in movies, a circle of cars with people fighting and the winner takes home the money.

Now, the wording might be too vague and so on, but I doubt the intent is to outlaw the sport itself or make it illegal to learn and train. We'd have to see the preamble to the section to see the context of the wording to have a better idea...

If it is, I'd be surprised, against it and I think many others would as well. So yes, blame Canada...


I think most canadian schools still allow running in playgrounds...


For someone who is constantly attacking the USA you seem pretty thin skinned when it's your home land that takes a shot or two...He he


Zeb, this isn't your (or my) personal playground. Perhaps you could address the issue instead of constantly looking for ways to try to tweak me?

Also, I know you aren't able to fathom what I say half the time, but I'm not constantly attacking the USA, in fact I doubt I ever have. The Bush administration is not synonymous with the USA and neither is it's policies.


Of course there is more to martial arts than just sparring. There are forms (martial arts floor exercises), self-defense, spirituality, etc. But the vast amount of practitioners of martial arts are kids and teenagers, so sparring is a very major part part of martial arts to them. Banning sparring would cause a huge decline in the practitioners of martial arts.


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If you dont spar, youre a shitty martial artist, period.

Imagine trying to get really good at chess by practiceing the exact same opening 1000 times in a row. Well thats like what doing katas are like. You would never get better at chess like that, you acctually have to PLAY games.

So in order to acctually be able to USE your martial art, you need to play games.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, kligor. Thankfully, due to the current federal government being a minority, public pressure can be quite effective.




One MP is trying to pass a bill and you judge an entire nation by it?

There has always been a long history of a small segment of society (in many countries) trying to dictate to people what risks they can or cannot take with their bodies. Groups have lobbied many times to try and get rid of boxing, for example. I shouldn't have to tell anyone here about government involvement the banning of pro-hormones and dietary supplements.

After reading the link, I don't think they're trying to ban your traditional martial arts classes, but rather things like MMA and full-contact fighting for money. Strangely they didn't include boxing in the list of things covered by this bill. Either way I'm against it, (although I'm not %100 sure this is legit), and I have forwarded a copy of this to my instructor.


bah, who cares. so long as they don't ban vroom!


I am not judging the whole country by this one issue...Canada is becoming a nanny state and this is just one more symptom. Don't tell us with a straight face that this is an isolated example of an over-reaching government.

For the record, I have a huge problem with the idea of banning MMA, as I have have been involved in many aspects of the sport, including as a competitor. I believe deeply in the value of the sport. I would hate to see some of the great Canadian fighters be forced to hang it up(or move) because their country wants to control one more aspect of their life.


JD, perhaps you could enlighten me as to which things the country is now controlling?

I mean, yes, we have high taxes and no, don't bother bringing up health care, but other than that, what strict controls is Canada placing on the populace?

I'm seriously curious!



For starters how about that bloated 1 billion dollar plus firearms registry?

That in and of it self proves my point.


I'm glad I found out about this early on. I'll have to bring this to my instructor's attention.


I'm also not sure if this is legit, and it is still vague, but I interpreted this to mean not only Muay Thai and MMA, but also things like plain point sparring, as it also seems to fit their definition of a prize fight.


JD, nice try. Bzzt. Thanks for playing. You aren't describing a nanny state of sissies, you aren't even describing control, you are describing a big waste of money. Different issue.


damn straight!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I haqven't seen my country making too many riteous decisions since Paul Martin "Our Prime Minister" Came into power. Our gov't is finding new ways to procure taxes from it's willing to be walked all over citizens. A good example of this is the increases in tuition for those who go to college. The government can't even measure the quality of education provided in college but is raising tuition!

It seems to me the thwe government can't obtain there slice of the pie here so they have to outlaw it.


Not unless they are working for the government anyway!

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