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Martial Artists and Weight Training Programs


Just wondering among the martial artists on this board what does your current training program look like?

I'm currently using a modified version of ABBH


near Identical to Renegade football training


Hi Konstantine,

I am in protected contact Karate for 7.5yrs. Started serious weight training about 3yrs ago. WSSB or WSSBII for most of the time.

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I follow an Olympic lifting program to include some sprinting. I do not believe weight lifting for the martial arts is necessary. Of all the strongest martial artist I've ever known not a single one lifted weights and one felt strongly it was counter productive. I notice my rolls suck after a good week of olympic lifting because my back is straight and not so good at rounding to roll. I only lift because I enjoy it.


Currently doing westside, with pretty high volume. I can pull it off because I'm injured and not allowed to run or jump, so lifting and stand-still kicking is basically all I can do now.

Once I get my surgery I'm starting some dan-john inspired simple olympic lifting program and gpp.


Day 1 Chest
Day 2 Back and Legs
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Legs
Day 5 Shoulders
Day 6 Arms
Day 7 Rest

I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I feel strong in class and don't fatigue too easy, but I attribute that much more to being relaxed mentally than being strong physically.


I do TKD freestyle.

Program generally looks like this:

Bench- 8x3
Row- 8x3

Deadlift- 8x3
Some kind of squatting movement (OHS, front, zercher, whatever)- 8x3

Dip- 3x8
Chins or shoulder press- 3x8

Some kind of leg movement not done on Tuesday like lunges- 3x8
Lighter Deadlifts- 3x8

Thinking once I recover from surgery I'll go on to EDT to help pack on some size and "break in" to training again, then return to this program or something like it using heavy singles with the above exercises, and probably a few Oly lifts in there too.


The anti-weight training thing seems to be fairly common. Big muscles can be a bit of a detriment in Jujitsu because a skilled opponent can use your muscles against you. For example, grab a hold of your lats to help pull around to your back. But like anything, you can find ways to defend it. Besides, I would rather look like a wrecking machine then a half starved little runt any day of the week. I prefer different forms of GPP with a few other exercises added like YTML's and weighted abs exercise. Then once I get most of my muscles caught up I am planning on taking a course in power lifting next semester. As always, you cannot forget minimum of a half hour of cardio 3 days a week.