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Mar's Log

So I finally decided to start a log on here, I’ve always kept a training journal but this will encompass more than just training. I plan on having food intake on some days as well as thoughts and insights along with my training.

A little background about myself, I’ve always been the fat athletic kid all through school. In HS I played football and that when I really found my love for lifting. Preparing for games was always more of the challenge and fun for me than the actual games. Since HS I don’t think I’ve gone more than a month (injury) without being in the gym. I’ve competed in two power lifting meets can’t recall the numbers of the top of my head, and one strongman comp earlier this June.

Currently I’m attending the National Personal Trainer School in San Diego to get my NSCA cert, I went to university for two and a half years but found it boring and a waste of my time, so now I’m doing what I love (being in the gym).

Stats as of 8/7/10
Age: 20 (21 on 9/14)
Ht: 6"2’
Weight: 265-275
Body Fat: No idea (only time this was ever checked was in 5th grade when I was very obese it was about 34% if I remember correctly)
Measurements: I’ll get these up when I pick up a soft tape measure, I did this about 4 weeks ago, but can’t find were I put the numbers I think it was:
Upper Leg:32-34

Goals: Right now I’m just trying to lean-up goal of about 230 body weight, I say 230 becasue I think, don’t know, but I might look decent at that weight but right now just playin it by ear. I’m always trying to maintain my size and strength while leaning up, becasue I think I’ve built a pretty decent base mass wise and am scared to lose it, so no steady state cardio for me haha.

Nutrition: I’ve never really calculated or tracked what I eat, but I try to eat a lot good clean foods. I don’t drink milk or eat processed wheat (unless it’s the bun on a double-double animal style from in-n-out). I try and shoot for 3-4 solid meals, 3 shakes, and peri workout nutrition everyday. Part of the reason I started this log was to help me with my food intake, often times I think I under eat; this comes from being fat all my life and always thinking I needed to eat less ( I just needed to eat better).

Training: I don’t follow any type of program, most of my workouts are body part splits since last month. Before that I followed and 2upper 2lower split which I loved. I know my body pretty well and find that just listening to it during training really creates workouts in itself. You’ll see what I’m talking about when I post my training.

Right now going to NPTI I have to be trained by a class mate everyday and most of the times they have no clue about programming or anything so the workouts are just stupid, but I’m dealing with it by lifting again after, even if I’m cashed from the previous session. For some reason people in the class think that 20 plus reps and cardio movements in between are the end all be all of fitness, oh and Bosu balls god I hate those things already got in a big argument with two class mates who said the majority of top level athletes use Bosu balls. That’s a different story all together.

6000iu Vit D
400mg chromium
400mg selenium
50mg zinc
500mg Magnesium
30g fish oil
500mg b-6
pro biotic
Pre workout- one FINiBAR 1/3 tp powdered muscle
During- 1/3 TP PM
Post- 1/3 TP PM 30 grams whey and teaspoon L-Lueicne sp? ( I put this in everything, like Dave Tate haha) then I meal when I have time.

Ok that took way to long to type and I’m sure I forgot something, I’m going to start posting my training from last Monday the 2nd. The picture was taken last Sunday I believe, I’m going to try and get some better pics up, but I only have a camera phone and no one to take em for me.

Edit: also how do I add more than one pic at a time

Monday: Chest (had to somewhat follow what this kid in my class gave me to do)

Flat Bench: barx20 95x10 135x5 155x5 185x3 225x8 225x8 225x8 (mt climbers for 30 sec between each set of 225)

DB Fly: 30x10 30x10 30x10 30x10 (high knees for 30 sec between each set)

Incline Hammer Strength Press: 3platesx6 3px6 2px7 2px6 ( burpees for 30 sec in between sets) When I use a plate loaded machines I usually just say how many plates cause I don’t like to count and don’t really care all that much about exact numbers.

Incline DB Fly: 15x20 15x15 15x15 15x15 really focused on contractions cuz my chest was to cashed to use and significant weight (30 seconds of jump rope in between sets)

Low Cable supinated raise: 20x15 20x15 20x15 20x15 (jumping jacks between sets)

After this I didn’t do my own training becasue I was cashed I’ve had to do this cardio bullshit in between sets for 3 days in a row and my hips and knees are letting me know.

Pic is from early June

Tuesday 8/3/10 Bis/Tris

Same dumbass kid training me, the people who are the trainers currently have been at the school for 3 months already I can’t believe it becasue they don’t know shit.

A1. Assisted Chins: bwx15 bwx10 bwx8
A2. Dips: bwx10 bwx10 bwx8
A3. Burpeesx30 sec

B1. OvrHead2hand Tri ext: 75x12 75x12 75x10
B2. AltBiCurl:40x8(each) 40x8 40x8
B3. Jump Ropex1min

C1. Cable Rope Curls: ?x15 ?x15 ?x15
C2. Tri-Pressdown Fat bar: ?x15 ?x15 ?x15
C3. Hi-Kneesx1min

Last tri-set I would’ve cared less what the weight was I didn’t even look as I was pissed and gasping for air.

Didn’t train on my own again today

Wednesday 8/4/10 Back

Same D-bag this time, wanted to do super sets again I obliged, but he had 6 cable movements so I said no go to that and picked my own movements, and I said fuck your cardio in-between shit as my knees and hips are in pain.

A1.Cable low Rows: 100x12 150x12 200x8
A2.Lat P-down (I really focus on the lats for these as mine suck) 80x15 100x12 120x8

B1. Chest sup Row: 2px12 4px8 4 1/2px8
B2. Face Pull Cable Rope: 60x15 100x10 100x10

C1. One Arm Row (kroc style): 100x8 130x6 130x6 (grip gave out on the 130 sets)
C2. Band GM: 2purpx15 2purpx15 2purpx15

That was it for the day

I also forgot to mention that I always do a warmup before I lift that consists of:

Shoulder work with bands (do enough to get the shoulders feelin warm)
Hip circumduction with the heavy band
Foam Roll lower and upper
Hip Mobility on the swiss ball
Some of Defranco’s agile 8 (fire hydrants, wide mt climbers, neck stuff)
Bird Dogs with mini band
Shoulder dislocates
KettleBell windmills
some glute activation work

I don’t really keeps reps or anything for warmups just do a bunch if i’m not feelin warm i’ll do more.

8/5/10 Lower
No school today so I went to Worlds Gym to train by myself.


Snatches: 95x3 95x3 115x3 115x3 <–power -->full 115x2 115x1 115x1 135x1

Back Squat: barx20 95x10 115x5 135x5 185x5 205x3 225x3 275x3 315x3 315x3 315x3 245x6 245x6
First time doing back squats in about 6 months been doing lots of front squats lately. I go ATG on squats always ( need to video some later). Squats felt great besides the fact that i’m having trouble keeping my wrists in line the tend to bend back and hurt like a SOB.

Cybex Squat Press: 200x15 400x10 495x10 610x8 610x8 610x10

Pull Down Abs on cable stack: 90x12 110x10 110x12 130x10

RDLs double overhand: 135x10 225x8 225x8 225x8 really worked on the glute-ham contraction as I used lighter weight than normal

Donkey Calf Raises: 300x12 340x13 300x15 always make sure to leave the stretch reflex out when doing calf’s.

Jump Stretch Band Stretchs

Felt great to workout on my own time at my own pace bout 1:45 not including warmup or stretch.
I just re-read Starting Strength for the 3rd time so that’s what inspired the back squats. My best back squat was 405 about a year ago at 330, so to only do 315 for a decently heavy triple disappoints me, but strength is not my goal right now.

8/6/10 Shoulders

No school again today went at it alone. All the weights are pounds just so people are aware.


Snatch (all full): 95x3 95x1 115x1 115x1 115x1 115x1 115x1

Savickis Press chin ht: (95x8 115x6 135x3 155x3 185x3 185x1 (was feeling good then only could get one) 155x3 155x3 155x4

Push Press: 135x6 155x3 175x3 195x3 195x3 195x3 (my idea here was that the kind of a pre exhaust idea with the savickis press first.

Cable X rear delt: 20x12 30x12 40x12 50x10

BB Shrugs: 135x10 225x10 315x10 405x10

75 degree bent DB raise: 20x12 30x10 40x8 50x6

Band Stretchs

Felt good, my shoulders hurt like hell most of the time from benching wide and often when I trained for P-lifting. I do lots of shoulder work every workout and have noticed a difference, when the left get fatigued the anterior delt starts to bother me.

Now I’m up to date on my log I really have the itch to go to the gym tomm. (sun), but I should probably rest Monday will post for sure.

Monday 8-9-10 Bi’s/Tri’s

So the kid who trained me today wanted to do bi’s and tri’s i said whatever, then I looked at the workout he had; 4 shitty tri movements and 4 shitty bi movements all supersetted. So I just did my own arm workout with better movements and not supersetted.

Chins: bwx12 bwx12 bwx12 bwx10 bwx10
Dips: bwx7 bwx7 bwx7 bwx7
Hammer Curls: 35x12 45x15 55x12 65x12 75x10
Inside Grip Bench: 135x8 155x5 185x6 205x3 225x3 275x3
Low Cable Fat Bar Curls: 40x10 50x8 60x8 70x6
Straight Bar Pullovers? (the ones powerlifters like to do with elbows bent, bringing the bar back and forth over the face) 95x12 95x12 95x12 95x12

I finished with that and was feeling like doing more so I put on my Kanams and did some snatches.

power: 115x5 Full: 115x1 115x1 135x1 135x0 way to fast on the first pull 115x1 115x1

Decent day wouldn’t normally start the week with arms or do bis and tris on the same day, but the teacher gets mad when I don’t do what the “senior trainers” write up. Also got in an argument with the guy and the other kid that was training with him becasue they both thought getting a pump and being sore was how one determines growth. Keep in mind both these guys are no more than 170 and don’t really look like they’ve been in the gym much.

Tuesday 8-10-10 Cardio and Back

So today I got put with a trainer and the teacher told her to do cardio circuits specially for me, usually they can make up whatever workout they want. He did this because I always complain how shitty the programming is in all the programs the “seniors” come up with, so he thinks that means I cant do them, but really there just idiotic the majority of the time. Anyway did some circuits.

Warmup: Hip Mobility, spiderman and hindu pushups, swiss ball hip work, foam rolled.

On a side-note the teacher picked up one of those new rumble rollers and that thing kicksass, doesn’t get crushed like a regular foam roller and has a little give unlike the pvc I usually use. Also those little spikes get in all the right places.

Circut went like this

A1. Box Jumps 3x10
A2. Burpees 3x10

B1. Bw Squats 3x10
B2. Wobble board pushups 3x10

C1. Bosu Ball Lunges (can’t belive I did these, they were actually easier cuz ur from foot is so elevated.) 3x12 each leg
C2. Mnt.Climbers 3x1min
C3. Wall Sits 3x1min

Then after that she set up 5 bosus in an arch and we had to do a burpee then broad jump onto a bosu, burpee broad jump…ect 10 times did that twice. (couldn’t belive I did these either just fucking stupid they really pissed me off. I asked the teacher, who suggested these to the her becasue he knows I hate bosus, how in the world these were safe, his reply was there not safe. I was like ok hahah you just made my pt.

After that I bought a spike shooter at the supplement shop in the gym (god those things are awsome when you dont drink one everyday) and decided to hit my back.

Warmup: band shoulder and hip work

Chest Supp T-bar rows: 1platex10 2px8 3px8 4px8 5px6 5px6
Lat Pulldown: 110x12 170x8 200x8 230x8 150x8 (strict form on the last one)
Pendley Row: 135x8 185x6 205x6 225x5 225x6
Hammer Strength Independent Row: 2px12 4px10 4px10 4p+50lbx7 2px30 alt arms on last set
Hi Cable Rope Face Pulls: 40x20 70x12 110x12 140x10

Felt good today, that spike really helped to get in a “real” workout which went well.

On August 21st Worlds is having some huge parking lot supplement expo, and Jay Cutlers going to be there so that should be pretty awsome.