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Mars Image Mystery



Cosmic ray my ass. I don't know what to think.


A pixelated blob. Neat.


LOL at the guys commentary. Seems if it's cosmic rays, it won't be there when a new image is taken of that area.


When its gone on the next pic, the conspiracy theorists will be out in full force


"It appears fairly well maintained"



It looked like nothing. Don't be foolish and start thinking this is an alien structure.

Hell, in a few more posts someone will come here thinking WE made it and it's another in a long line of government cover-ups that every idiot on the internet knows about.

Wait for Google Street View Mars edition.


Come on...it's definitely Russian.


Yeah, those linear streak artifacts. They always end up resembling a building complex.


I don't have conspiracy theorist leanings. But whatever it was, it definitely looked "structured". It's very curious is all I'm willing to venture. That said, I don't think there is any possibility it's "alien". Man made? Yes. Alien? No. Cosmic ray or some such artifact? I guess we'll find out when they do another pass, whenever that is.

But...if it is man made (and therefore "secret"), don't you think it would be edited out of any future access? I tend to think it would have already been edited out, but who's to say it wasn't another government and ours didn't know? It wouldn't be the first time something sensitive showed up on these "google maps" tools.




It's a special facility for anal probing.


There is a catholic church on mars?


Video has been removed by user. Oo

I bet the armchair astronaut is already lying in a ditch somewhere, mangled and unrecognisable...


LOL. At my old school you'd get two Hail Marys and a perforated bowel for that one.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpQDQiF8YXU was this the original video? video in op was reomved


Aye that's the one.