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Marry Christmas

To you and yours I pray today is a better day for me and all of you. I did a
shot 2 days ago all was fine until 1pm yesterday my Estradiol shot up I felt
Panic feeling then the power went out and this drove my panic over the top.

Here I can’t walk and we had to pull out the gen. run cords to plung in the sump
pump, freazer and the fridge. We were out of power from 2pm to 11pm last night.
I have gas logs in the fire place this kept the house worm as long as you were
near it.

Today I can’t stop thinking I am going to have Panic feelings this is how this
crap works. And it’s a big day in my family we all go over to my Sister In Laws
house for Christmas Eve Dinner about 50 people show up coming and going through
the night.

So far I feel OK and I pray everyone here is OK for this big weekend.