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Married with Children Fans

might get a kick outta this-


Great link. And I remember that Parker Lewis guy. I watched that show and could never remember the name.

Wow… GOOOOO BUD!! lol

Haha, he just dives out the window.

Dont piss off Ed Oneil or you may end up losing an arm.

I fucking loved that show !

That was pretty funny, thanks.

Who is that riding into the sun? Who’s the man with the itching gun? Who’s the man who kills for fun?

Psycho dad, Psycho dad, Psycho dad!

Quick with a gun. But he loves his son. Killed his wife because she weighed a ton

Psycho daaaaaaaaad!

Married with Children is awesome.

Al Bundy has a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu.