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Marriage is NOT About Two People Loving Each Other


Attacks one marriage have recently come from many sides. There is the "marriage equality" bill that apparently believes that marriage is nothing other then whatever the state feels like it is: nothing other than a mutual partnership. Marriage has also been attacked through the massive distribution of birth control and reliance on abortion. Marriage itself is one of the most important, stablizing, and most of all sacred institutions we have. One of the common arguments of the left is a rather bizaare idea that marriage is about "two people loving each other". I always wondered if this was what marriage was about, because of this, I referred to the wisest man who ever lived and thus it is written:

'But at the beginning of creation God made them MALE and FEMALE. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, 8 and the two will become ONE FLESH.[c] So THEY ARE NO LONGER TWO, BUT ONE FLESH. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, LET NO MAN SEPARATE' (-Mark 10:7-9)

Now obviously this was in response to the question regarding divorce. But it still emphasizing some extremely important points. In the eyes the Christ, marriage is not bout two people, but about one. This marriage is a divinely sacred union, not some stupid disgusting mutual partnership. Ancient Greece had some interesting partnerships too that were sociologically encouraged. But "Marriage Equality" is a partnership that should never be tolerated. If it was God's will that people would have these parnterships, obviously he would have made no distinction in gender nor would he have wanted us to create life as he did for us.


So obviously people thinking marriage is about two people is kinda gay


This post is an exercise in preaching to the choir. I mean, are you trying to convince conservative Christians? Because while you could quote scripture until you're blue in the face, it won't mean jack to the non-Christian.


So you can't have religious marriage and legal marriage in your world? Must be nice for things to be so simple and clean.
Love as defined by the catholic church is to will the good of another. So I agree that love and marriage can be separate but a marriage without love is not reasonable.


What I see going on is an attack on religious freedom. That including the notion of freedom from others religion. Our government should have never recognized marriage between anyone. There are however very real legal consequences for separation to which citizens turn to the courts.



If I ever get married my wedding will be filled with Carl Sagan quotes, not anything out of the Bible.


You're an idiot.

If you want to try and convince the 'left' try using some secular arguments.


Now, how would Carl Sagan quotes fit your Twilight themed wedding? Or, did you change your mind on that?



Let's talk about this instead:

Christians begin to rage.


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Woot, proud of them folks. They let him make a fool of his disruptive self. And HE posted this? Rofl.


Actually, there are many pro-gay marriage Christians.
The only people against it are backwards minded uneducated hick bigots, christian or not.


A marriage without love can still be a very viable and wise socioeconomical decision :slight_smile:


Look at my definition of love. To will the good of another.


That reference flew right over my head. 95% of what I watch on TV is sports.


Then my pop culture reference has completely failed!


If he was that concerned than he wouldn't have allowed people to BE GAY! If being gay was so bad, they wouldn't be around, now would they? If they are such an abomination, why hasn't your God struck them down, committed GENOCIDE? Oh wait, because it's GENETIC! And STRAIGHT people give birth to GAY people! Shut your hole and go back to being a lurker.


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Are we ever going to stop having this discussion? This thread was fucking pointless because we've been over this a million times already. Damn...



You keep saying stuff like this, is conforming a good thing to you?