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Marriage and Happiness


Please forgive me if I don’t belong here but I have a question about pellet therapy and low t. My best friend just came to me today and said her husband is not happy and doesn’t want to be married anymore. The last several years she’s been through hell with breast cancer. Her husband has low t and just started the treatment, hence the announcement that he doesn’t want to be married anymore. They both have been through a lot together and never any sign of trouble in the marriage. The breast cancer and subsequent treatments and his low t has adversely affected their sex life.

My question is about the low t. Is it possible that these treatments could be contributing to his feelings about his wife and marriage? My thinking is that hormones definitely affect women so it makes sense that they would affect men too.

I really would appreciate any thoughts on the subject.


when a man has severe health issues women usually stay
when a woman has severe health issues ,high percentage of men do not stay
spent alot of time with my wife when she was going through treatment for cancer
this information was in a booklet the social worker at the hospital gave me
i stayed
so more than likely its not the low t


To answer your question strictly - is it possible? Yes. Granted, the far more likely scenario is that there are several contributing factors, but getting low T fixed can improve a man’s drive, motivation, sense of well being, and sex drive. The possibility that one or all of those factors might have played some small role in tipping him over the edge is there, but even without knowing him I’m willing to bet the thought was already on his mind.

Best of luck to your friend.


It sounds like there were a lot of issues and probably both parties were depressed.

He would have had low energy and some depression from the marriage and the low T. Other health issues add to the fire and thyroid problems seem common in TRT guys and candidates.

I suspect the TRT, if it working already, has enabled him to do things that he did not have the energy to face earlier.

How long has he been on TRT now?
If his E2 [estradiol] levels are increased too much, very typical, that would make him bitchy and intolerant. Guys get moody too.

I have not seen a post of this nature here before. We do see that TRT improves men and their moods, restores sexual intimacy. We see some men driven to TRT because low T threatens the marriage, not the other way around. But some men with restored sexuality, which can be very strong at first, may wander if their wife/GF is not willing to participate. Sometimes its the wife/GF who drives the man to the doctor because of the sexual performance and intimacy problems. With restored sexuality, some women have a hard time adjusting to the changes. So there can be women hungry for more sex and others who have difficulties with the increased sexual demands. In any case, its very dynamic and both parties are not fixed entities and evolve.