Marriage And Adoption For Gay Couples

Recently my country’s government tries to legalize gay marriages but also their ability to adopt children on top of that!!

So id like to ask whats happening in the law field of your country and whether you agree or not?

I’d much rather a kid be in a loving home with a couple that really wants them rather than in foster care. I worked with Child Protective Services, and foster care is no place for a kid.


What country are you in?

Why do you care?

Why did you join this forum just to post this?


I agree. I have gay uncles that adopted two disabled brothers. Within a year they were doing much better (they came from an abusive situation). They do a good job from what I can tell. Both brothers still live at home as adults (they are early 20s).

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I believe this is a troll asking. Note how she didn’t give her position.


Could be. I have a tough time understanding what motivates a troll, so I assume most posts are legit. Yet, plenty do troll. They must be really bored or something?

They affect my job security.

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they can have a civil ceremony but shouldn’t be in the church. as far as adoption thats a hard one as there is such a high percentage of abuse especially in gay mens homes it would be hard to support it. Kids being in the system vs kids in potentially abusive homes is a hard balance to reckon, as there would be some cases where the desire to adopt would be legitimate and there would not be abuse.
I would be against in general as kids need a supportive normal home. But then again the Childcare system is fucked.

We’ve already established this is a troll job.

This is conflating homosexuality with pedophilia, which is not necessarily true.

Plus, a fair number of men that have children are gay. Not even like a little bit gay either. Like have an agreement with the wife, reproduced to have kids, but 100% prefers other guys.

oh yeah , i forgot if you have any opinions other than your ill formed bull, youre a troll.

not all gay men have paedophilic tendencies…but it is abnormally high. Look at the sky high prevalence of young teen boys getting “introduced” to the gay lifestyle by older men.
So while im generalising i believe its high enough to illicit extreme caution and a bias against gay men adopting. Even gay woman have very high cases of domestic abuse and child abuse stats. Higher than the norm. Will every one have it , no. Will enough have it to form a negative opinion , yes.

Are any of those subgroups number of incidents higher than the norm though? Because there is a norm, or average of the total.

Im not asking you to back up your assertions with some objective statistics yet, but if you have them I’d like to see them.

My concern would be if there were anomalies specifically among a given set.

As for homosexual men introducing young gay teens to sex and relationships , I would ask the same thing as above. Is it greater than or somehow different from hetero relationships & sex, age brackets, etc.

You would know. I mean, why are you reviving a thread that wasn’t getting much attention, not even from the original OP?

To me it’s an unnatural situation and other avenues should be explored first.

Assuming the only other option is a govt home and there won’t be abuse in the adoptive home, I’m sure it’s the best option between the two. I would prefer to see male/female couple applicants prioritized, however.

FBI bots trying to find the right wing extremists.

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