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Marquez vs Mayweather


ok so what is everyone's picks?

i got JMM (marquez) by split decision..


a blog post about it ^^^

to summarize, i think this is pbf's toughest opponent.. no way he can knock marquez out.. marquez is going to have a monstrous pace without sacrificing defense (he can attack and defend quite well).

i don't think pbf has fought any quality opponents in a long time either, definitely not his last 5 fights..

this is the first time im picking against pbf.



Biggest factor is how JMM's speed holds up.


His last two fights were against Hatton and De La Hoya, world class opponents. He beat them both convincingly.

Mayweather, unanimous decision. Marquez is coming up two weight classes and you don't know if his power is going to carry or if he'll be as fast. On top of that, even if his power did carry, Floyd will outbox him all night. Unless, of course, Floyd aged over the last couple years and can't move as well... but being as he's only 32 and ain't called Pretty Boy for nothin, that won't happen.

He won't swarm better than Hatton, he won't hit harder than Corrales, he's not as vicious as Castillo, and he's not as good of a boxer as DLH.

I really like Marquez, and I'd like to see him win because he's so fuckin underrated after beating Pac twice... but he's outclassed here.


i disagree on the hatton / DLH being world class part.. DLH was world class, but by the time pbf had fought him, his skills had diminished significantly.. i mean even steve forbes gave dlh trouble as he tuned up for pacquiao.. truthfully he hasn't been nearly the figher he was since bernard hopkins took him out.

hatton has always been completely overrated.. he has horrible defense and no chin versus quality opponents.. his best win was against kostya tszyu, but he was allowed to mug the hell out of him.. home-town ref and everything.. not too mention that collazo should have got the win against hatton :wink:

totally disagree.. hatton swarms with reckless abandon, jmm throws vicious combos while not leaving his chin out... i'd say he hits way harder than corrales.. castillo won in many people's eyes in his first fight against mayweather, i'd say marquez is on a whole different level at this point..

de la hoya might have been a better boxer at one point than jmm, but definitely not when dlh fought pbf.. he was not even close to his prime at that point.. i mean pacquiao backed off of dlh, because dlh is his idol etc, but he could have stopped him dead in about 3 rounds..

i mean dlh didn't even jab against pbf :wink: he abandoned that early in the fight, when it was working.. hehe

cool though, we'll see, should be an awesome fight.



I think the key to this fight is what shape Floyd is in. If he is the same fighter as he was when he "retired" he should win as he would be the better fighter. But we never know what he has done in the last year or so. I really want Floyd to win only because the Mayweather v Pacman fight would be so good for the sport of boxing as a whole, but the general public just views this fight as an easy warm-up and dont know its probably the toughest test of Floyd's career.


two counter punchers, to very good counterpunchers, normally i would say this make for a pretty boring fight, but seeing the huge size advantage mayweather has, he will probably be more aggressive and take little marq out early.


I disagree. DLH came really, really close to beating Floyd. A split decision that really could have gone either way- DLH was the busier fighter over 7 rounds and definitely earned what he got. He was not washed up at that point, fighting at 154.

Bullshit. Hatton went 45-0, beating tough guys like Urango, Collazo, Tzsyu, and Castillo. He earned his shot. Everyone said he was a B grade fighter after Mayweather- but when he fought a real B grade fighter in Malignaggi, he demolished him.

Styles make fights. Against a fighter like Floyd, Hatton should have bobbed and weaved WAY more, being as his best weapons are the left hook and the short right. He didn't, of course, but he won rounds and didn't get KO'd until the 10th. That's not "completely overrated" when you're talking against fighting the best fighter in the world.

I hate that argument because it's completely wrong.

JMM is a better boxer than Hatton, yes. He does not hit harder than Chico- not a chance in hell. And Castillo kept after Mayweather- I don't think JMM will be able to do that. Castillo was in his prime and AWESOME at that point. He's really one of the most underrated fighters of our time.

Complete bullshit. DLH in 2007 at 154 vs. DLH in 2008 at a weak and drained 147 are two COMPLETELY different fighters. COMPLETELY. Not even a question.

Pac didn't "back off" him- Pac didn't carry his power to 147 in order to knock DLH out. DLH has always had a very solid chin, and that little fidget couldn't bring nearly enough power to bear in order to KO DLH, not on HIS best day and DLH's worst.

He sure did. That was his downfall. But that doesn't mean shit when talking about a smaller fighter in JMM.


JMM is a tough nut! Floyd is on another level with his defense and ability to box. The guy just never gets hit..and if he does its always a glancing blow. Counter punching master..love to watch him and toney.
mayweather all the way unanimous decision 4 sure. Cant wait for floyd vs pac! that will be true test!


Mayweather by UD.


I'm taking Mayweather by unanimous decision because he's basically a bigger and faster version of JMM.


Pac and Floyd better win first!


My heart is saying Marquez, but I know Mayweather is going to bring it on the 19th. I didn't really like how Marquez looked in his recent fight against Juan Diaz, but i'd have to agree on him sticking it to Pacquaio. Hopefully Marquez doesn't get a slow start against Mayweather, because that will be the end of him. If Marquez can come out strong and keep the fight at his pace, I see him winning. I see it either going to a split decision or a late KO. Marquez FTW.


Does anyone else agree JMM beat Manny both times.


I'm a BIG Pac fan and I believe if they scored the 1st round of the 1st fight correctly, a 10-6 round not a 10-7 round, Pac would have won that fight on the scorecards. But Marquez completely outboxed him during the rest of the fight.

In the 2nd fight, if it wasn't for that 3rd round knockdown, Marquez should have won. I just think Marquez's style gives Manny fits. He's a great counter fighter but can be aggressive when he needs to be. My friend who's a Marquez fan said he can call upon the aggressive Mexican fighting spirit when he needs to. LOL

But I believe Pac has gotten better since that fight, and if they fight at light welterweight Pac would win. Just look how he completely destroyed Hatton, the best light welterweight at the time.


first one was close..

2nd one ya.


I agree.

How much better Pac has gotten exactly is the question


Apperently Marquez's strength program is "lifting big rocks".

I'm going Marquez.

Years of Rocky movies can't be wrong.


You saw how much better Pac was against Hatton. He was able to stick Hatton anytime with a right hook a split second before Hatton could throw it because he pumps his left hand. Pacs head movement is improved and he is able to throw lead left hands much better, look at the DLH fight.

At light welterweight, Pac KOs Marquez. At a lighter weight, I don't know. Marquez has enough aggression to go with his counter punching. Marquez is to Pac as Tarver was to Roy Jones.

If Mayweather had fought Marquez a year and a half ago there would be no question Mayweather would win. But because of this layoff, I wouldn't be surprised if Marquez wins. The one thing we don't know about Mayweather is how he deals with really being hurt. No ones ever put him in that position. Marquez, as Pac fans would tell you, knows how to handle adversity quite well.

I just hope I don't pay $49 to see them feint each other to death as they look for an opening.


I give him credit for the Hatton win, but that's it since Marquez. Diaz is a shit fighter and DLH was a corpse.

He seems better than he was, but the quality of his opponents isn't what it was either.

I can agree with that. Especially the not wanting to pay to see two counterpunchers run from each other.


I think Floyd purposely selected Marquez because of his history with Pac. Pac struggled with Marquez so Floyd will want to make a statement by dominating him. Floyd by late round TKO or UD.