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Marquez - Pacquaio III


Holy shit.


Marquez is no joke. He's by far one of my favorite fighters of all time for a plethora of reasons. His pivots are PERFECT, he adapts to whatever he must to win, he's a hard punching, balls to the wall, warrior of a Mexican.

What he did to Diaz ruined that fighter, what he did to Katsidis last November proved that he's still got it.

I'm gonna watch his tune up fight carefully, but I've watched those first two Pac fights, and in my opinion, he whipped him both times.

I'm gonna say right now that Marquez could take this fight, and finally get every bit of recognition outside of Mexico he deserves.


The fight is at 144. It won't even be close.


Pacman has balls (much more than Floyd ever did). He never backs down. He has the heart of a champion and the balls of a hungry contender. BUT... He WILL be in trouble. A WORLD of trouble. Good one for boxing fans, though!


Marquez doesn't really rely on power or athleticism and at 144, he will be overpowered by Pac. However, I believe he CAN and WILL outbox Pac. Let's just see if his iron chin can withstand Pac's flurries at 144 (it did when they fought at a lower weight though)


Well, keep in mind that the only time he fought at 144, he did so against Floyd Mayweather- which means something.

You had two counterpunchers in the ring, one at his normal weight class and the other 9 lbs. higher (actually more because May came in 2 lbs. overweight), Mayweather had a longer reach, was more crisp, and was the much larger fighter overall- and Marquez still landed some shots on him.

Put him back down to his division against guys the same size- Diaz, Katsidis and the like- and he absolutely destroyed them. Both were come forward fighters that Marquez did what he always does- took some shots early, then totally picked them apart with devastating punching down the stretch.

Marquez has already done this EXACT thing to Pacquaio- TWICE. Pac is going to come forward, and get hit, and he's gonna wanna fight like he always does, and Marquez is gonna counter the fuck out of him.

No matter what, it's a terrible stylistic matchup for Pac - a cerebral counterpuncher who has power.

Like I said, I'm holding off until I see the tune up, but damn, Marquez beat this kid twice, he'll do it once more.


Can't agree with you on this one FI. I think Marquez is going to lift stones, drink pee, come in sluggish and get KTFO.

I'm pretty sure Marquez declined at first when they offered him the weight... but obviously Pac can just go elsewhere...


ummmm, i just watched the 2nd fight. and the fight i saw, marquez was hurt numerous times throughout the fight. and knocked down once. he most definately did not win that fight. Pacman landed far more punches, was the aggresser throughout the fight. no doubt in my mind pacman won that fight.

Now to present, pacquaio skills have improved greatly. i see the 3rd fight as complete domination by pacman. when you watch how he fought in that fight compared to now, his aggression is much more tempered with skill, meaning he doesnt just rush in throwing wild punches as he once did. but that fight was most definately pacmans fight.


Well, the judges saw it differently- one had in Marquez's favor, another was by ONE ROUND.

Without the three knockdowns it was a complete victory.

And Pac has fought the same come-forward fighters since then- a nobody in Diaz, a near death DLH, and Hatton, Cotto and Margo- none of these are counterpunchers, and none of them are anywhere near as skilled as Marquez, who is also a much better, wiser, cagier fighter than he was back then.

There's a lot going on in Marquez's game that people don't understand. Pac will walk right into it, just as he always has. He's a great fighter, a tough fighter, but never a SMART fighter.


ahhhh, the judges had in favor of pacman. so, not sure what your saying here. pacman won the fight. Aside from the 3 knockdowns, loll bhaha. dude, he knocked the guy down. how many times did marquez knock down pacman. ummm, none. again, pacman won the fight and the judges agreed with me.


I'm sorry, I was thinking of the first fight with the three knockdowns- Marquez didn't go down at all in the second fight, and that one I thought he won even more convincingly- the split decision just didn't go in his favor


Please. At 144, Pac KOs Marquez within 5 rounds. Marquez will look sluggish again at a higher weight and get hit hard by Pac. It's not like Marquez does not get hit at all. He has been knocked down against PBF and Katsidis, and both of them do not hit as hard as Pac does now. This will be another fight I will not pay for.

Go ask a true Marquez fan, and they will tell you at a higher weight, Marquez will not win. Marquez's iron chin wlll not save him this time. If this fight was at 135, then Marquez would have a chance of winning, but not at 147.

"Marquez, who is also a much better, wiser, cagier fighter than he was back then." What, you don't think Pac has gotten better since then? Pac is a much different fighter than he was 3 yrs ago. All he was back then was a straight left.

And Marquez did go down in the 2nd fight with Pac, that's why Pac won that fight.


Marqeuz's iron chin survived Pac flurries at 130lbs not at 144lbs. BIG difference.


this going to be another one sided pacman fight, get floyd in there so someone can actually compete with and win vs. pacman


I hope this turns out to be a competitive fight, but so far I don't see how Marquez can compete at 144lbs... So far Manny has knocked him down 4 times in two fights and he seems to have only gotten stronger as he moves up in weight. Also, if I recall correctly, the first fight was only a draw because one judge scored the first round 10-7 Pac, when it should have been 10-6 because of the 3 knockdowns


2 sides to every story....pac never agreed to testing and wont. Mayweather signed the original contract for testing and even had his trunks, and robe made for the fight. Arum pulled out and spun it to 14 weeks out testing, and then 8 weeks out, all to put it back on Floyd. and of course everyone is going to believe Manny's side cuz it easy to hate floyd

And I dont see how Manny fighting the same fighters Floyd has fought already makes him any ballsier?


Because he is still hungry even if he's the champ


Ill give you that....it's obviously about the money with Mayweather, but thats the nature of boxing. Promoters will use fighters and toss'em out like garbage when they're done with them. There is no retirement fund or "Players association" like in team sports. Fighters have to get all they can while they can.


I give Pac a lot of credit for fighting both Margarito and Cotto, who Floyd wouldn't. Both of those fighter are, in my opinion, much more dangerous than an old De La Hoya or my boy Ricky- especially Margarito.

And he's still not a true welter-dude couldn't hit 147 lbs. at any fight. Floyd is a much bigger man- he's really gotta get down to 147, and he's taller and just has a bigger frame. The Marquez fight proved that he can't go any lower than 147- but Pac really should be fighting at lightweight or light welter still.

And that part about testing is not necessarily true... I spoke to the boxing writer for my paper and he was saying that Pac has agreed to all testing... it's really Mayweather ducking him. Badly.

That all being said, I love Floyd Mayweather and want him to whip Pacquaio post to post.


How was Mayweather going to fight two Top Rank fighters after leaving Top Rank? I really doubt he would have ever fought Margarito and Cotto, at most he would have fought the winner of their fight.

I think the third fight in the trilogy will be a clear decision for Pacquiao. Pacquiao has improved over the years and Marquez is looking more vulnerable. Pac was a much different fighter when Marquez had close fights with him and Marquez is too willing to fight to outbox him. I wouldn't be surprised if Pac wins by a large margin when factoring in knock downs.