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Marquette Rugby

Hey guys - I’m a senior in high school, going to Marquette up in Milwaukee next year. We just finished our rugby season here, and I’m wondering what kind of things I should be doing to get faster (I’d love to secure a wing spot next year).

I know basically what kind of exercises to do, I want to know what order to do them in - for example, should I try to gain strength and explosiveness in my legs first, then cut down for speed later? Or just do Oly lifts all this summer?

Anyone else here a winger whos got some tips?

Thanks a lot - and sorry, the search function isn’t working for me.

hey i’m a scrumhalf at UNCWilmington and i’ve found a lot of the drills on www.scrum.com… there are specific drills for each position and after doing these drills for like a month i noticed excellent improvements in my speed, agility, and general fitness and performance in games