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Marquardt .vs Henderson?



I really did not want to see this fight. Both of these guys are in my top 5 favorite fighters and now one of them has to lose. Assuming Henderson is under contract by then and agrees to the fight. My guess is they throw a bunch of $ at him to take this fight, instead of the promised bought with Silva.

Henderson is favorite fighter of all time. I have been following him since his first fight in the UFC. That being said, I think this is a bad match-up for him.

Striking - Marquardt - Dan has a dangerous right hand and a chin of granite but Nate just seems more well rounded and technical in the striking. A Henderson KO is certianly possible but I think we are more likely to see Marquardt out point Henderson in the striking.

Ground - Even

Henderson on top - Marquardt is probably good enough on the ground to aviod damage but probably not good enough to submit Henderson. Dan will definately have to avoid submissions and this will probably stall any meaningfull GNP. Again, a TKO from this position is possible but Henderson contolling position and scoring some points is probably more likely.

Marquardt on top - This would be bad for Henderson. Marquardt is good enough to work into a dominant position and probably doesn't have to worry about being submited by Dan. I would honestly have to go back and watch some fights to see how Henderson is off his back. I seem to remember him not being that active.

Conditioning - Even

Both these guys can go three rounds full steam.

I am thinking it's either Marquardt by decision or Henderson by KO/TKO.


Hendo>Nate the kind of great


I don't like it, but it only makes since. Why would Dan or Nate deserve a shot at 185 without beating another top contender?


I like it and it makes sense as well. Both lost easily to Silva so they need to fight.


I don't know what that story is, but Yahoo (who's an official UFC media partner) has already posted that Henderson has refused this fight. It would make sense for the UFC though as Silva is out until next year after his elbow surgery.


Marquardt via KO


No, no I don't think we'll be seeing that. Nate is a skilled striker, but Henderson has one of the best chins in all of MMA. Maybe Nate could knock him down and then TKO him, but no way is he going to KO him.

Dan has the wrestling/control advantage, Nate has the submission advantage. But Dan has some very good submission defense and I just don't think that Nate's submissions are at a high enough level to catch him. On the ground, I've gotta give Dan the advantage.

On the feet, Dan has a monster right hand, a pretty damn good left hook, and a granite chin. But he's also very wild and basically just throws for the fences a lot of times. Nate is much more technical, picks his shots better, and will likely have a reach advantage. So, on the feet I'd give Nate the advantage.

Who wins will come down to who can control their opponent and force them to fight their fight.


I know both their skill sets and I know how to analyze fight. You analysis wasn't bad at all. I know what I predict is highly unlikely, but I really like Marquardt, and think he's a little underrated, while Hendo (while I love him) is slightly overrated.


I see Marquardt winning a decision by outpointing him in the stand up, taking him down and controlling him on the ground.


The only way Marquardt wins this is by playing safe and basiclly hugging Henderson into a loss. Marquardt is a helluva fighter and his record speaks for itself, but he wants no part of toe-to-toein' with Hendo.


Hendo wrestling>Nates where do people come up with Nate outwrestling Hendo?


I for one would enjoy this fight. It would be exciting, but I don't know who I'd be rooting for.


Marquardt won't fall for the one punch tactic of Hendo. I love them both, but Marquardt would win by Decision, as he can't knock Hendo out. And lol @ whoever said Marquardt can out-wrestle Hendo.


I understand Henderson not wanting to risk losing and losing his title shot. He may never get one again, he's not young. On the other hand I too would like to see this fight. Silva is out of commission, so why not? I actually think it would be good if Silva moved to light heavy and this fight was for the belt. I think the division would be more interesting without a seemingly unbeatable fighter ruling it forever and acting like he doesn't even care.


Silva's manager has said he is not having elbow surgery.


I like Marquardt too, and I didn't say that I don't think he can beat Hendo. But come on, let's be realistic. Nate might outstrike Dan, but he's not KO'ing him in all likelihood.