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Maroon 5 Hates America


So dumb.


For all I knew, America hated Maroon 5.



I'm not sure America cares enough about a crappy Matchbox 20 clone to dislike Maroon 5. And by America - I mean me.


Oh well, guess I can still look forward to those Nickelback memes.


No need to involve Canada in this. Fair warning, though - just keep your mitts off Rush and Avril.


I like Rush, reminds me of this glorious scene in cinema:

I can cope with Avril Lavigne, there's just a guy from my childhood I dislike that is obsessed with her music, so I hate her through him, law of irradiation at work I guess.


Is it weird if this is the first time I've heard of Maroon 5?


You're one of the lucky ones, don't let it go to waste.


This is typical 'Mountain out of a molehill' non-news that was on conservative news outlets recently.
'Much more pressing issues out there...people are suffering, losing their homes, 20 vets a day are blowing their
brains out daily because of PTSD....And Fox News is wasting air time on this shit.
And yes I'm conservative, I just don't like how they're representing.

"Adventureland" is the shit BTW....A great little movie that few people saw, did poor box office,
and hard to believe it's the same director that made "Superbad", which I liked as well, but those 2 films are Soooo different from each other in almost every way.


Was that a scene from Adventureland? If so, I must confess I've never seen it. However, it now seems imperative that I remedy that particular cinematic shortcoming.

Back several years ago, in the glory days of the X-Box, my daughter was an Avril fanatic. She insisted on loading Avril's "Let It Go" CD onto the X-Box hard drive.

I flew countless miles in the GTA Vice City Helicopter listening to that album. So much so that several singles on it became known as the helicopter songs.

I miss that console.


Yes, indeed it was. I really enjoyed it, thought it was very well laid out and I appreciate the ending. Compared to Superbad, Adventureland kind of trades out some of the humour for an actual love story. Not to say it's not hilarious, because it is, but it's a little more rom-com.

As Karado mentioned it came out to something crazy like Adventureland only netting in 10+ million whereas Superbad hit it's stride with 100+ million. The films were only a couple of years apart, kind of strange to see Superbad grow into a cult comedy, but Adventureland stay more behind the scenes.

I love the soundtrack too, it's kind of 80's pop, (there are some brilliant David Bowie usages in there though) but I have a weakness for 80's pop, so there's that to look forward to if you're as weird as I am. Also still have a huge crush on Margarita Levieva (Lisa P). She was thirty years old more or less when she was in Adventureland, I bet you wouldn't believe that. She also used to be a Soviet child gymnast, so of course it keeps getting better and better.


Speaking of Movie Directors that do two totally different films back to back....WATERWORLD...then 187..??
And how the hell did Kevin Reynolds talk the Hollywood execs into making 187's ending a big time depressing "downer" not seen
in Hollywood films since....gosh, maybe "Revenge"?


Oh yeah, Reynolds' films are all over the place in terms of genre and direction. I hated the ending to 187. There's a reason it was better kept to The Deer Hunter than this run-down angst-filled school drama. It doesn't fit, does it? The plot meanders along strangely most of the way through, but those last 15-20 minutes just end up being silly. The Deer Hunter can make it work because of the tragic demeanour and the horrors of being subject to actual official war. 187 is just a teen drama that wanted to be a war film, and it got cloudy somewhere along that path. It didn't need the ending, it was way too over the top and didn't really justify any of the precedent the film had already set for itself, most of which was still rather out of place.

Man, if you need depressing endings, go see a Cronenberg film. Never have I ever seen a more consistently heart-breaking ending to a director's films than that of David Cronenberg.

To name a few, there's The Fly, Spider, A History Of Violence, Dead Ringers...the list goes on. I really love some of Cronenberg's films, and those in particular are some of my favourites. The Fly in particular is a stand-out, but they're all definitely worth viewing.

I really hardly like any of Reynold's films, but Cronenberg's are something else entirely.


I feel like I manage to unknowingly turn every thread into a film debate, I should try to stop doing this kind of thing...


Meh. Unless it's a Guy Ritchie film, or something by the Cohen Brothers, or Mike Judge - I'm quite ambivalent when it comes to who made what.


Speaking of The Coen Brothers, I saw "A Serious Man" not that long ago. It's very under the radar, should get far more exposure than it does. I actually think it might be among their best (which is a tough act to decide on when you really look through all the films).

I also look forward to their newest, "Inside Llewyn Davis", I've heard incredibly good things.


Yes. "A Serious Man". Excellent film. Suicidally depressing.

"Barton Fink" has to rank very close to the top of my favorite Coen Brothers films. But as you say - picking a true favorite from their catalog is extremely tough to do.


I love Barton Fink, Turturro and Goodman go so well together, it's no surprise they kept casting them. Very bizarre film, I like that they decided on that kind of thing early on, strange and creepy but still incredibly humorous.


Raising Arizona, hands down. You get more for your money in the pre-credits intro than you get out of most other feature length films. Next is O'Brother Where Art Thou, IMO.