Marlob's Log

Hi. I come back to strength training 2-3month ago. This year i trained for edurance (10km running, high rep pushups, situps) dropped BW from 108kg(238lb) to 84kg(185lb)

Best stats year ago:
Height - 1.89cm
BW - 104kg
Squat - 150kg
Bench - 110kg
Deadlift - 190kg
Press - 72kg

Gains from Texas method after back to lifting.
Stats when started TM 2015-09-25
BW - 86kg
Back Squat - 3x120kg
Bench Press - 95kg
Deadlift - 150kg
Press - 2x50kg

Stats from last intensity day:
BW 90kg
Back Squat 5x130kg
Bench Press 5x95kg
Deadlift 180kg
Press 5x60kg

My new goal is stick to Texas method for longer time and try to compete in powerlifting meet next year.

Volume done today.
BW 91kg

Back Squat 10x20kg; 5x50kg; 5x70kg; 3x90kg/100kg; 5x5x120kg
Overhead press 10x20kg; 5x40kg; 2x5x55kg
Seated press 3x5x55kg
Deadlift 5x50kg/70kg; 2x100kg; 2x120kg/130kg/140kg/150kg (double overhand grip)
Speed Deadlift 8x3x120kg (mixed grip) (Last from deficit)
Leg press 6x100kg/150kg/200kg/250kg; 4x275kg

Recovery day:

Leg ext+leg curl 2x20
Back Squat 10x20kg; 5x60kg; 5x80kg; 2x5x95kg
Bench press (tng) ( 10 pushups) 5x50kg/60kg/70kg 2x5x80kg; 16x80kg (bounced)
Pullups 3x10

Back ext 10; 10x5kg/10kg/15kg/20kg
Decline situps 10; 10x5kg/10kg/15kg/20kg

Triceps pushdowns 10x4/5/6/7/8b; 4x9b

Intensity day:

Leg ext/curl 2x20
Back squat 10x20kg; 5x50kg/70kg; 3x100kg; 2x120kg; 1x130kg; 5x140kg
Overhead Press 10x20kg; 5x40kg; 3x50kg; 5x60kg; 1x65kg
Deadlift 5x70kg; 3x100kg; 2x130kg/140kg/150kg/160kg; 3x130kg; 1x170kg; 3x120kg; 6x3x130kg
PC 3x70kg

Bw 91kg

Intensity day.
Running 30+ min
had pain in knee

Back squat 10x20kg; 5x60; 3x80kg/100kg; 2x120kg;
5x140kg; 1x150kg/155kg (old PR) 1x160kg new PR
Bench press 5x60kg/70kg; 3x80kg; 2x90kg; 5x100kg tng old PR
Deadlift 5x60kg; 3x80kg/100kg; 2x140kg; 2x170kg; 5x180kg new PR dead start.
(last year pr was 3x180kg)