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Markus Ruhl Polish Nationals


Markus Rhul just a few weeks out of the NY pro where he will make his comeback. He looks prepared!!

A link to more pics...



Sweet tap dancing Christ! Bound to stir things up if he's on.


I am a big fan of his as a bodybuilder. That guy brings more mass than anyone. However, I hate him because of his calves and shoulder width...it's just not fair.

Fuck I can't wait to meet him in a few weeks...


Are there any hoops he has to go through to qualify for the Olympia or is he all set to compete?

I dig Markus man, one of the greats in my book.


Someone donate him a set of triceps. Damnn lol.

Obliques look tighter too, than in years past.


He probably eats women and children...I hope we see an end to the non aesthetic mass monsters...

I wonder if he could have a crazy v-taper if he laid off ab training like Branch Warren did?


Levrone's are needed. Hell yeah on the condition of his waistline. As for the guy that asked if he was clear to enter the Olympia, he needs a top 5 placement (? I'm pretty sure) but Markus said that this was his last and only show. Win or lose.


^^ Watchu talkin bout? This is the best I've seen the Ruhlster in a while.



We can't see his abs from the side but his waist is tiny (for him) in that pic.

How can you say that he doesn't have a crazy V-taper? It's a shot from the front... He's always had a wide back


No V-taper, really? I wish I was lacking the V-taper he is!


Genetically were his tris inserted high or something? My tris are up pretty high so it'll be tough as hell for me to make tris stand out at all....


Always the fucking biggest guy on the stage.

Too bad that blocky look he has is the only thing that brings him down aesthetically, otherwise not many competitors can match that size.


looks like he has a manta-ray for a back


Amazing--just look at the size of those hams in his back shots! But really, isn't there a spray-on tan that won't turn his face orange?


Good Lord


Shoot he could have been Mr Olympia if he's that blocky. He's trimmed down alot. The tris are his most blatant flaw, IMO. If he could get his back side as dry and hard as his front, he will be a threat for a top 5. Again in my opinion.

/thread I hope you guys don't mind me leaving this here.


Growing Boy is that you as a child in that pic? Why the switch from magician to bodybuilding?

You had big hands for such a little guy! lol



Not sure what you are trying to say here. Point is the blocky look he has, which is mainly because of his triceps and most evident if he does a most muscular pose, has held him back from winning an Olympia, because as I said not too many, if any competitors are as massive as Ruhl. 330+ pounds in the off season at 5'11" is damn big.

I was not attacking him, cause actually he is one of my fav's, just pointing something out which has held him back from winning any sandows...


Yeah. Short triceps I guess. Not many can have it all...