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Markus Ruhl 2009 NY Pro 7 Weeks Out


The freak is back...


DAMMIT!! I can't see shit with this crap computer!! Does he look like everything I ever dreamed of?


No wait, I can see some of it. He looks pretty sick at 300lbs. Last time I saw him, his midsection was smaller than Cutlers so I wonder where its at right now.


The guy is, was, and always will be massive.
A also love how his wife is a beast too.


Holy shit, that bi-peak is some Popeye shit.


holy shit, 300 pounds and that lean!!!!!!!!!




I was so sad when he said he was retiring, glad his back.


Monstrous. Love his wife.


He has the coolest personality.


absolute beast...I hope he wins the show..he has a bit of charisma which is good and his videos are pretty entertaining


Oh my. He must be on steeroids or something.


She's one built mama


Ruhl only competes in tested shows. He is lifetime natty.


Didn't you already make a thread expressing your distaste for the guy, and others like him? (Not that there are many like him. BEAST.)


WOW! His biceps and shoulder are more other-worldly than they've ever been.


He needs more tricep mass.


Always had the issue. It's just not in his genetic make-up... And with delts and such a weird-ass bicep peak, it's all the more noticeable.

Gotta love him and Simone doing a most-muscular next to each other (holy fuck look at his shoulder girdle)... Then later on they do a side-tri, and his looks practically no larger than Simone's lol


what the hell is he drinking lol a green protein shake?


It must be the NO supplement, then.


Yes, yes I did. I'm on a mission to ruin his career, see. RUIN IT!!!!!