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Mark's Training

I have been keeping a notebook up to date but it will be good to have others give me their opinions.

About me: I was a big fat fatty. Never lifted before the age of 30.

Now my primary goal is staying relatively lean.

My second goal is to eat everything and still be lean.

My third goal is to be as strong as I can be.

I have no life or friends or personality

yesterdays training was: db snatch- 75lb 2x each arm
A chest cable fly’s #6 pos 10x5
B weighted chins 45 10x1
A,B rest 60 between sets
cable 1 arm row #10 5x3
weighted dips @70 5x3
leg curl @70 100x 12x6-4x10 r60
Note: first weighted chin did 2 reps on first set

Todays training: started doing intervals on treadmill and stopped after 2 min. just didnt feel it. went to squat rack and played with olympic style lifting. with 75lbs.

Heavy 5 sec hold @ 405 alt grip 1 each side

jumprope 60 sec, turkish getups with 12kg 3 each arm, kettlebell swings 30sec each arm, rest 60 sec, repeat about 15 min.

monday night:
back squat 185 7x7
resting 60 sec between sets

tuseday night: thought about doing sled pulls… legs sore didn’t do it.

weds: deadlift 10x3 @ 255

    cable low row 1 arm
    (lawnmower pull) 10x3 #10.5

    leg curl 100 5x5 45 sec rest

stupid fat guy doing curls in
squat rack again, he left and
started doing cable curls instead

turkey thursday: AM/PM day
interval 2 mile walk after breakfast

  3x5 cleans 95,100,105,110,115
  3x5 front squat 95,100,105,110,115
  3x5 dips + 70 
                all sets 60 rest

Ate like a pig all day then,

  3x5 cleans 95,105,115,125,135
  3x5 front squat 95,105,115,125,135
  3x5 dips + 70  

Note: felt good but froze my ass off out there.


    cable chest 6 high @ 6.5 10x3
    superset with chinups+25 3,3,3,2,2

    push press @ 135 4,4,4,4,4

    intervals on treadmill 
     30sec on@ 8.0 inc 12.0
     90 off @ 3.5  @inc 6
     building up to 8.9


 northboro   row 2000  8:17

  home      assisted muscleups
            green band 24 inches 
            above rings