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Mark's SS, Hypertrophic ST... Now What?


I first posted on bodybuilders but i was ignored, so i'll do it here then...

it's been a while since i was last on here and i got some questions that i need some assistance with. Let start by saying that i first was on Mark's SS for about six months then moved on to Hypertrophic ST for about 2 cycles actually like 4 months and now i wanna start something new something with more rep and sets if nessesary to make more muscle gains.

I was thinking about that dog training i can't quite remember the name but if you guys have other routines for the stage i'm in the let me know please after that ill do the research. Thanks for the attention.


I doubt you're ready for DC training. What are your maxes?


It's called Doggcrapp...but it's not necessarily full of reps and sets.


Read through the web site if your interested.


Which hypertrophic program did you use, and how are the results?


I'm 6'1 220lb my 2 sets of 5 rep max are as fallows...
.bench 270 lb
.squat(legs below parallel and not too close together bcuz this makes it easier) 295 lb
.wide dips 85 lbs
.barbell bent rows (parallel to floor)190 lb
.stiff leg deads(touching floor w/ fists, no belt) 195 lbs
.skull crushers 130 lb.
That's it i wont give you my entire workout keep in mind that these are the results at the end of 2 cycles of Hpertrophic Secific Training. the previous workout was Mark's SS which i didn't like too much.