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Marks First GVT


Started training: Mid jan 2010 @ 65kg
Current weight @ 84kg
Height: 6'0
Age 19

I started German volume training yesterday so im going to keep this log (really for myself) but any advice or tips or helpful critisism i'd really appreciate it since im still new at this.

since january i have trained my ass off in the gym. I was a skinny runt and im starting now to look healthy lol. I've put on almost 20kg and i am very happy with my gains but i want to push myself to about 90kg before march when il try cut down on the body fat for summer.

I work in 2 gyms (1 as a lifeguard and the other as a cleaner) and im doing law in college.
I train early most mornings and i dont miss days and rearrange them really. I take care of stuff is what im saying.

Ok so yesterday i started with chest and back and I learned a lot.

Chest- D/b bench almost got the 10x10 out on 20kg d/b's but not quite
Back- I was supposed to do overhand grip pulldown but it was busy so i tried to substitute it with wide grip bent over row and after 5 sets my lower back really hurt so i went to the overhand grip so that was a mistake on mypart but i'll learn from it and wont mess it up again.
I did the Wide grip row at 24kg with a nice slow tempo and the overhand pulldown at 45kg

For suplimentary excersises then i did 3x12 45 degree incline d/b bench with 15kg and supersetted that with Shrugs as i handt done them in a while. 20kg each hand


I also did abs yesterday just a floor set of 100.

Today i went down to do legs

Squats (heels elevated)and
Leg curls

After my third set though my lower back was paining me from yesterday so i decided it was smarter to go home and rest and tomorrow i'll go and do it fresh. The weights i was doing was 50kg very slow and deep on the squats and 45kg on the leg curl.

i know the weights seem light (embarrassed face lol) but I'm strict on my rest and tempo.
I'll upload 2 pics later. One of me at like 67kg after 2 weeks training or so and one now.
And i'll update this tomorrow after i do the leg day for real!


I thought i'd go ahead and lay out the basics of my program for anyone to comment on.

It goes:
Day1 chest + back-
a1 d/b paralel grip bench 10x10
a2 Overhand pulldown 10x10 with a 4010 tempo

b1 incline d/b bench or flies 3x10-12
b2 shrugs or d/b rows or t bar rows or rope row to neck 3x10-12 same tempo

Day 2- Legs
a1 Squats 10x10
a2 Leg curls 10x10 again 4010

b1 lunges 3x10 3010
b2 still leg deadlift 3x10 4010

Day 3 off

Day 4 Arms + shoulders
a1 Close grip bench/ Dips 10x10 3010
a2 Preach curl/ incline d/b curl/standing bb curl 10x10 3020

b1 Tricep extension/pushdown/skullcrushers 3x10
b2 hammer curls or alternating d/b curls 3x10 3010

day 5 off
and repeat.

The lines that have more than one excercise i will just pick one. For eg on day 4 its either close grip bench or dips.

I will do this until i do each day 6 times so about 4 weeks.


Did legs today, attempted them again after the half assed day yesterday (stopped because lower back pain from chest and back day)

Today was no better.
Did 3 sets at 50kg squats 4010 tempo but the back pain was too much so since i didnt want to leave again i just finished out the 10 sets on the squat press machine with 80kg it wasnt too difficult but i just wanted to finish the leg day take a weeks rest from it or so and hit it again. I dont think im injured as much as strained.

So today was pussy day number 2 lol supersetted my squats with leg curls at 50kg and could of gone heavier so i will from now on since i finished all 10 sets on that! I did no polishing off work as i like to call it after those excercises i was just happy to get out of there because the pain in my lower back!

But i wont get discouraged. Il take tomorrow off do arms and shoulders on monday hit chest and back (back il make sure i do overhand grip pulldown instead of bent over rows) and then a day off before i hit les again!

Thanks for reading (despite its a pussy day)


Ok did arms day yesterday was intense!

tried to do 10 sets of 10 close grip bench at 52.5 kg i didnt quite make it towards the 8th set i could only get out about 8 reps!

I supersetted that with 22.5kg bicep curls 3020 tempo.

then i did a shoulder triset of militart press at 20kg 3x12 frontal raises at 15kg 3x12 and then the girliest lateral raises at 4kg 3x12

tomorrow chest and back


Make sure you are following the program as outlined. I haven't done it but I'm pretty sure there are no trisets recommended on any days.

Plus, I think GVT is more geared toward guys who already have a decent amount of strength. I'm just throwing it out there, but I think something like 5/3/1 would suit you much better.


Yeah, I agree, I would noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot recommend doing GVT training as a beginner. I don't like GVT at all anyways and try to get people not to do it, but as a beginner do anything else, bang yer cock off the wall for 3 hours , but I wouldn't do GVT.


Ah :frowning: I was planning on starting the GVT for strength this Monday. 10 sets of 5 with a heavier weight instead of the 10 sets of 10. I'm using it more as a relief for a while because I've been going pretty much 90% and above my 1RM every session for a long time now. I should be making better progress if it weren't for my darn ego lol


Doing it every now and then would be fine, but you just don't need that many sets and that little amount of exercises I don't like either.


Thanks for the responces guys (and advice)
I just liked the look if it and heard its a great way to Grow! Without sounding like a douche for me atm my priority is looking good instead of heavy lifts!
i didnt hear of 5/3/1 till i started i really like the look of it!

I just threw in the tri-set of shoulders on the arms day since theres no shoulders on the gvt template i was using! A very well qualified trainer down in one of the gyms i work reccomended it!

Did chest yesterday (im about to upload pics any minute so you guys can see) but my chest is my biggest let down and i think its because i neglected incline bench! so i decided to rotate incline bench one week with bench another week (for chest obv)

So i did 10 sets of 10 incline bench at 45kg so since i got all reps out nice and slow was going to up that next time

Supersetted with overhand pulldown at 50kg and i almost got the 10x10 out i was short on 10th and 9th set

Then i did flat dumbell bench 3x12 20kg supersetted with shurgs 3x15 20kg plates

I had considered swapping to 5/3/1 but didnt want to be a bunny and just jump around you know?

Again guys thanks for the posts


This was me in january no laughing please lol


aaaand current (bit bent but what the hell lol)


here im a noob at posting pics but what ever sorry but heres the front!


Hey man, good progress so far. Just to reiterate what others have said, at this stage I think you would be better off following a more basic program like starting strength or 5/3/1 as others have mentioned.

Even if your goals don't have to do with lifting competitively, building a good base of strength and mass right now will serve you better in the long run.


Appreciate the reply and advice, do you have any suggestions for a program (preferably one thats made up that i can follow instead of reading on the principles of one) and do you guys think it would be better to finish this up (just 3 weeks more) or do you think start something else?


Finish it up if you want, I wouldn't though. Just search 5/3/1 on this site and start that up asap


Appreciate it man!


Yuppp, as said too much volume for your training level man. 5/3/1 all the way, just torrent it :P.

Keep it up though.


Yo K-man thanks for the good words, after all the comments i took it all on board downloaded the book read it and went down today to check the maxes on my bench and squat starting a new thread with my 5/3/1 id appreciate it if you guys keep an eye on it!

Got 85kg on the bench and 100kg on the squat fyi


My advice, don't make a log titled "My 5/3/1 Log" or whatever. Just make one generic for your training career. This makes it easier for you to look by in time and look at periods where you got noticeably stronger so it's easier to trace what does and does not work best for you.