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Marks 5/3/1 here we go

Ok, after i started GVT and got some people telling me with my experience 5/3/1 much better suited! My goal is size and strength.

Im 6’0
19 years old.

Today I went down to check 1RM

Bench 50kg x 5
10 second rest and 50kg x 5 again
60kg x 3
70kg x 2
75kg x 2
77.5 x 2
80kg x 1
82.5 x 1
85kg x 1
87.5 (but got spot because was failing so max is 85kg)

Squat was same sort of lay out and worked up to 100kg failed at 102.5kg

So Maxes 100 squat and 85kg bench

Tomorrow i will check Mpress and Deadlift and start the training on monday!

Supliments im on are omega 3 fish oils
Serious mass (optimum nutrition)
and about 8mg of Creatine (olimp sports nutrition)

After a workout i take 1 animal pack (my bro left me a box but after they are gone i dont think i will buy them again)

And if it matters im Irish

Thanks for reading lets get it going

Well…you would go 85kg x .8 then rep that out as many times as you can.

So, lift 68kg as many reps as possible. Lets say you get this 8 times.

Here would be the formula.

68 x 8 x 0.0333 + 68 = ~85kg

Next step.

85kg x .9= 76.5

So your max for 5/3/1 would be eith 77kg or 76kg depending if you wanna round up or down.

yeh man i get that im just saying my actual maxs atm is 100 squat and 85 bench! I read to x it by .9 though to get 90%!

Thanks for the help though man il catch up in no time lol!

Tested max on MP and deadlift on saturday night after work!

I had not eaten in 6 hours (was late for work and couldnt make anything I was starved)

but i got 60kg on the MP and 125kg on deadlift!

So tomorrow mornings I start my 5/3/1. Im pumped lets do this!

Ok i woke a little late today! 8.40 instead of 8.15 but i got down the gym for 9 and home by 10!

MP warm up then
5x 35kg
5x 40kg
8x 45kg all done with a real slow tempo and good form (if i may say so myself)

Went on to dips then and after the MP they were a little harder than usual i did about 7 sets and in total got 52 It went a little something like this

all the dips were slow and deep!

Then went on to over hand grip pullups!
did 5 without asst and went straigt to asst machine did 5more with 20kg asst
then 8
then 6
then 6
then 6

In total 36

I would of done a little more if i had time but im rushing into college now!

Good job on the mp! You’ve got the same assistance for this day as me, what are your other sessions looking like?

One thing i’ve been doing is supersetting the dips and chins to save time and allow recovery between sets.I started using bands when I started to give out but recently changed over to doing negatives instead for the rest of my reps and sets. It has worked and gotten me further much quicker than using assistance if you think you might want to give that a try as well.

Thanks for the tips!

Ok for bench day ive got Incline bench (prob use dbs) and Db rows aswell and il put in some flies at the end like 3x12

for deadlift day il do Stiff leg deadlift after some frontal raises and some abs

for squat day il do leg press supersetted with leg curls and throw in some calf raises!

Then depending on if im going out or what ever that week i might hit some curls for the girls hah

Keep it up man, how about you write down your split in detail (reps, exercises) and give us a breakdown of your nutrition for the day. I gave you a link on my log for the food tracker.

YO K-man just back from gym there and im about to go to college, il definately do that when i get home!
Thanks for the link!

Today was on deadlift did my warm up 5 reps on 40kg 5 on 50kg and 3 on 65kg

then 5x72.5
5x 85
aand 11x 95kg I was quite happy with that!

I then moved on and did 4x8 with a 60kg Stiff leg Deadlift

Then did some bicep curls 3x10 with 25-27kg (im not sure how much the Z bar weighs)

Then did 3 sets of 10 hanging leg raises and a quick floor set of abs!

I decided against the frontal raises because my shoulders are quite sore from yesterday and on a side note after those 50 something dips my chest had such a good pump, my chest has always been my weakest (looking) part of my body but yesterday and today it looks full!

Thanks for comments

Back from college!

Thanks for the link k-man! One problem though, i dont make my own dinner since i live in the captial of ireland and i go to college to study law I live at home and my mom makes big giant dishes of dinner so there is no real way for me to tell exactly how much of it i eat! its usualy 2-3 average servings!

as for the program: I’ll be doing it like this Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri Training MP, DL, BP and Squat respectively

I will sort of go with what is necessary and by that I mean I will be trying to do 2-3 additional assitance exercises and just go with what I feel!

I know i will be trying to improve on the amount of chins and dips i do after MP on the monday
the end goal is 100 dips and 60 overhand pullups but its something like this atm MP 5/3/1 then Dips 6 sets as much as possible same with pulldowns.

Deadlift day- Deadlift 5/3/1 then stiff leg deadlift 4x8. I’ll do either some bicep curls 3x10-12 or frontal raises after depending on how the shoulders are! (then some abs)

Bench day (tomorrow) Bench 5/3/1, Incline or db incline bench 4x8-10, Db rows after 3 sets to failure.

Squat day. Squat 5/3/1, leg press 4x15 leg curls 4x12 then calf raises

but that could change week from week depending on time (since 3 days a week i train at 8.30am before college starts i could be short for time)

Im going to take a pic of all my suppliments and post it now in a few mins!

Hmm, some things i see that could use improvement.

Stay away from the high rep stuff, add weight to the dips and pull ups and treat them like your other lifts (3x8 etc.) Not that its bad, you can do bodyweight pull ups and dips whenever. Every couple of weeks see where you are so you hit your goals of 60 and 100.

You want to hit all your lateral heads when you work them. So front raises, lateral raises, and reverse flyes.

Don’t do “either or” like either bicep curls or front raises. Do both and increase the weight on them.

You don’t want to neglect any bodyparts. I only see one bicep movement and no tricep work.

I noticed you said front raises depends on how your shoulders feel (from MP im assuming). Why don’t you move those to a different day or do them on the same day as MP? You shouldn’t have to overlap muscle groups if you structure your split logically.

Maybe add pulldowns or pull ups to deadlift day? There is a lot you can do with your split.

Yeah i appreciate the advice some of which i knew but going off what wendler said in the book i was trying to do what i know mixed with what he said if you get me! Yeah weighted dips are a possibility for sure!
Previously my goals were size so i was told and i quote, “Save those lateral raises for summer” lol
And i figured the dips were enough for the triceps
Ok after what you said here is how i would structure it.

MP 5/3/1
Weighted dips- 12.5kg 4x8 (or more if i can)
maybe a tri-set of frontal raises, lateral raises, and reverse flies? 4x8 (previously my favourite for shoulders was tri-set of MP, frontal and lateral raises)

Deadlift 5/3/1
overhand narrow grip pull ups 5x6
stiff leg deadlift 4x8
Superset heavy bicep curls or hammer curls with skullcrushers 4x6

Bench 5/3/1
Incline bench or incline db bench 4x8
Db rows 4x6
Shrugs 3x15 (i was always told the muscle fibers in traps respond better with high reps)
(could swap the bicep and tricep set on deadlift day for the db rows here?)

Squat 5/3/1
Leg press 4x8
Leg curl 4x8
Calf raise 4x8

Any more advice? I really appreciate it K-man! My brother normally helps me he’s a big dude a gym instructor and everything but after passing the new york bar he’s gone travelling india for 6 months! So with only 10 months under my belt i need all the help i can get!

That looks good to me man, just keep chipping away at it and get in that food. Raises for your shoulders are great for size, especially if you go heavy on them (as heavy as you safely can).

I would keep the superset for front raises and reverse flyes but…keep lateral raises by themselves and do them one arm at a time. Everyone needs more width so make this lift a priority to go heavier on.

Nice man, thanks for the advice!
Yeah after i saw your meat mountain I went straight to my moms “woman we need shepards pie STAT” im eating it as we speak my 3rd plate today haha!

New workout song: Eminem and Dre I need a doctor…damn its insane (im an eminem fanatic)

Ok finished chest day! I pulled a k-man on it and took a pic of my food aswell! I trained after dinner today (same dinner as the picture i will upload) it was Chicken, pasta, more chicken, corn, onion, peppers, green beans or something all mushed together!

So Bench day

Bench 5x 50kg
5x 60kg
9x 65kg

Incline bench (should of done this before bench right?)
6x50kg (realised it was too heavy)

Db rows
4x8 each arm(20kg)

Shrugs- 20kg plates each arm.

5 min intervals on crosstrainer…beside the hottest girl in the gym (im weak hah)
45 slow 15seconds all out x 5

Uploading the picture of food now in 2 mins!

Ordering some creatine online comments asap please Creatine monohydrate orrrr Creapure?

heres the dinner had one before and one after the gym aaaaaand making some eggs now!

Ok first 5/3/1 leg day and…im a pussy lol

5x 57.5
5x 67.5
4 x 77.5 - I failed on the 5th rep…i dont know why i just couldnt lift the bar, i was so defeated. I didnt want my last thing on the squat rack to be a failure, a few months ago training with my bro 5x5 my absolute max 5rm squat was 60 so i put 60 on the bar and did 10 reps just to show myself not to get down about it im still improving quick and to push it out the next day!

Leg curl 4x10 on 50kg nice slow tempo

Leg press 4x8 on 90kg

Calf raises 4x8 on 135kg~ 300lbs

I think il lower the weight a bit on the calf raises and do more like 15 reps i was feeling it more like that (or is that just lactic acid?)

Having shakes now! Forgot my creatine before the gym maybe my pussing out was psychological? I know i didnt get enough sleep i only got 7 hours max and only had a bowl of oats & more for brekfast but im still dissappointed! Looking forward to next week!

Ok after sat and sun off (i take them off to get some work done and since i work as a lifeguard in a gym it just suits me better to do mon tue wed fri split (not thurs because college starts earlier)

Ok i went down for shoulders today start of week 2

Mp warm up then:
35 x 3
45 x 3
50 x 7 I was pretty happy!

then i hit up the weighted dips
with 10kg weight + my body weight (83kg this morning)
i did:
then 10 bw dips (felt like it)

then superset frontal raises with reverse flies (shout out to k-man)
25-27kg frontal raises (dunno weight of Z bar)
and 6kg each arm reverse flies (did them on an incline)
so did 8 frontal raises then 8-10 flies 4 times

then i did 4x8 lateral raises 1 arm at a time with 8kg weight with good form (if i may say so myself)

Bought some BCAA going to start taking it during training tomorrow! and taking a week of my creatine now and I bought some Cretine monohydrate il (nutrition X brand) to start taking next weekish

Keep up the good work man.