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MarkKO's Training Log


We must go to different gyms.


He just needs to wrap his knees and use straps, he’ll be fine.


If you’re doing curls, you need gloves. All the bros at my gym have them.


As long as they match your purse.


Woke at 249.3 lbs, looking a smidge more bloated compared to yesterday.


Todays training

90/90, Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation, band work including Y-raises

Bench press
2x10x165 lbs - felt heavier than last week but still managed to keep it properly fast.

Wide grip bench press (pointer finger on rings)
2x10x165 lbs - right elbow to shoulder not overjoyed about this, but nothing terrible

CGBP to a one-board
11x132 lbs

DB flys
3x20x33 lbs

DB tricep extensions
4x12x22 lbs

Bench dips
3x20 - right shoulder did NOT approve. Plus triceps were fucked, so every set ended up rest/pause

Spent around 10 minutes stretching out my pecs, lats, triceps and delts. Guess what? They were tight as all hell, especially triceps and lats. Shoulders felt fine by the end.

All up an hour and 15 minutes


Why bench dips vs dips? Isn’t that some Instagram fitness model bullshit?


Woke at 248.7 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.

@guineapig you’d think so, right? Except, bench dips light up the long head of my triceps like nothing else. Plus, there’s no way in hell I could do three sets of 20 dips by that stage in the session. I think Greg puts them in for tricep isolation. Dips he uses as a general bench assistance.


Woke at 248.2 lbs, looking less bloated.


Tech ran late again, decided to train tomorrow and Saturday like last week. I don’t actually need to go to the gym to do the bodyweight monstrosity which is a major factor.


Your log is a good read…though I admit I haven’t read all 7000 posts!


Woke at 249.3 lbs, looking a tad more bloated. Dinner was a bit bigger yesterday is the reason I think. Nothing bad, just a little more than I really needed to put away. No biggie.


Thanks. It goes on a bit.


Todays training

90/90, band work including Y-raises

Sat there wondering why I was there

Put sleeves on my shins to deadlift

Sat there some more

Took sleeves off

Decided to try pressing


Not convinced


Still not convinced

6x88 lbs


2x132 lbs

Yeah nah. Fuck that


Let me clarify. I’m not too tired to train. I’m not in too much pain to train. I know for sure I can get through the sessions with nothing more than a pump and some heavy breathing. I just have absolutely zero desire to be in the gym. Still want to get big and strong. No doubt there. I also know I’ll need to train for that, and I’m happy to. Just not today.

This is weird.


One of those days. Do you have kids? They tend to cause those kinds of days!


We do, but it’s not that.

Maybe I’m more tired than I realised. I got home and suddenly crashed. I can usually get myself to train whether I want to or not, but last week and this week from Thursday on it’s been a real struggle. I guess working extra hours takes a toll after a month or so.


We all have one of those slumps but just keep your head up and grind


Hi MarkKO having read some of your training log i can see you’ve used some high frequency work for your bench.

I was wondering how exactly you program your high frequency bench work ie how many times a week and what percentages/rep ranges etc you use on each session ?

Thanks for your time


Woke at 247.7 lbs, all bloat gone. So yeah, I’m wrecked. Not sure how I missed it the past week or two but I am fucking exhausted.


@tredaway it’s been a long time since I benched more than twice a week.

From memory when I did, I had one bench day a week; but every other day I trained I would do 3x5 on bench as my second lift of the day. I used something I could move fast, maybe 65-70 per cent. I didn’t increase the weight until it became way too light, maybe once every eight to 12 weeks.

To be honest, I’ve had better results benching once a week while training my upper and middle back three to four times a week. Every second week a second day where you do an upper body day wont hurt either. The key is to get your technique as close to perfect as possible and add muscle. If you aren’t doing that successfully you can bench as frequently as you like and it wont do much.

In terms of loads we wave them so over three weeks it goes light, moderate, heavy. Sets and reps are guided by Prilepin’s chart. We’ll go in a day bench, bench variation, maybe another bench variation, then bodybuilding for the component parts. Fourth week is deload.