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MarkKO's Training Log


You have a great way with words mark. Quality


Woke at 249.1 lbs, looking less bloated again. Some of the drop is dehydration, but it shouldn’t be too much.


Molestation, I mean bodyweight day. In case anyone forgot, all I get are 10 second rests until I complete the rep total. Then I try to beat that number of sets next week. As usual, five deep breaths is my 10 second measure. Its accurate to within about four seconds, so chances are early on rests are closer to six seconds and later around 14.

Training at an outdoor park gym. I’m calisthenic as fuck.

I also know what to expect from last time so I’m starting with sets I know I can do without begging for the sweet release of death right from the start.

Todays training

Arm circles, neck circles, some inverted rows

50 reps: 10s to 40, then 3, 2, 2, 3

Diamond pushups
25 reps: 5s

50 reps: 2s to 10, longer rest; 2s to 20, longer rest; 2s to 30, longer rest; 2s to 40 longer rest; 10s to 50

Didn’t time the longer rests. Just waited till my heart rate slowed (not long) and my breathing slowed (a little longer).

Bench dips
50 reps: 5s to 50

35 reps: 1s to 5 on rings, longer rest; 1s to 10 wide neutral, longer rest; 1s to 15 wide neutral, longer rest; 1s to 20 close neutral, longer rest; 1s to 25 close neutral, longer rest; 5s to 30 close neutral, longer rest; 5 to 30 close neutral

Left elbow still notably lacking in calmness of tits from the get go, but neutral grip is pretty much ok. Same deal as before with the longer rests.

Air squats
80 reps: 20s to 80

Lying leg raise
50 reps: 10s to 50

All up an hour and 15 minutes. Felt longer.


But can you do a muscle up or that weird climbing ladder pull up bullshit


Give me a ladder and I can pull it around and then climb up it…


Some non training related notes:

  • loud noise sucks, but I’ll put up with it if I’m being paid to. Especially because I’llprobabl7y have ear muffs. This includes music;
  • I’m really bad at doing nothing. I need SOMETHING to focus on, even if it’s a TV show or video game. Just hanging around kills me


Yeah you look exactly like them dudes :slight_smile:

I pictured you doing this beside a dude doing a ladderthinghy thing.


Woke at 249.3 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Lats and triceps are pretty sore.


good work


Woke at 249.6 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


Todays training

90/90, McGill big three

SSB squat
4x2 plates
2x10x275 lbs - moved much better than last week. Kept the speed throughout

Close stance SSB squat
2x10x275 lbs

Front squat
12x176 lbs - lost count and kind of got lost in the set just pumping out the reps. Should have stopped at 11.

Goblet squats
2x25x70 lbs - last set took me by surprise. Ended up being rest/pause

Hamstring curls
55x44 lbs - one set, should have probably gone to 66 lbs

Barbell curls
4x15x60 lbs - curled in the monolift. While wearing a shirt that says Powerlifting.

All up an hour and 20 minutes including three separate instances of helping out


I like your dedication, moved on from the power rack to the mono to do your Curls :partying_face:


I think you’re at the highest level already unless you want to do curls with a squat bar or deadlift bar or something


@guineapig what bar do you think was in the mono…


But did you put calibrated plates on it and those big as collars


Nah, empty bar. I can’t curl for shit unless I want to look like I’m dry heaving


Same. It’s weird. Little dudes be curling like 40kg pretty clean but it’s a bitch for me with 10-15kg in each hand. Maybe that’s the missing piece of my training


Probably not. I figure they just spent the same time we’ve spent learning to squat learning to curl instead.


I have literally never seen a little guy curling this much. I’ve seen plenty trying. I can only assume that much weight triggers epilepsy in some people, the way they try to curl.


I can strict curl 95 pounds for 5 solid reps. :sunglasses: I feel strong. And hey, look at me; I’m a little guy!