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MarkKO's Training Log


Aaaand we’re back

Todays training

90/90 progression, McGill big three

Stuffed around a bit between warm-ups putting my numbers up on the PR board now I’ve earned a spot. Used last meet deadlift though.

SSB squat
3x2 plates
2x10x297 lbs - well, my back is fixed and I credit @FlatsFarmer for a large part in that. Fuck but that first set was awkward.

Close stance SSB squat (feet two inches each further in)
2x10x297 lbs

All sets felt heavy and slow but actually looked fine.

Front squat
10x176 lbs - apart from the fucking bar rolling I honestly couldn’t feel any difference to air squats

DB walking lunges
3x50 feet with 44 lbs

3x15x44 lbs - ok, fuck. Seems like I can’t feel shit in my hamstrings unless the weight is light. Suits me

Alternating DB hammer curls
4x15x22 lbs - left elbow was like, what the fuck about the word tendinitis do you not understand motherfucker?

All up an hour and 25 minutes. Need to pick up the pace.


It’s great to see you back to normal. Good job being conscientious with boring floor stuff.

Remember way back when you started with (Mr) Panora and nobody could believe how light your weights were? Skip forward awhile and now you’re starting the cycle with some Bigger weights. It’s been fun to watch your training work!


Woke at 251.1, looking less bloated than yesterday.

@FlatsFarmer thanks. Greg just hit me up and said probably drop the weight a little while using the SSB. The hypertrophy phase starts at 55 per cent of our working max, Greg said use 50 instead with the SSB. I didn’t see that until this morning so I’ll do that next week onwards.

Note mostly for my own memory: that means from next week to week six weights for squat will be 275, 280, 285, 290, 295.

Actually, that’s cool because it means I finish with what I did yesterday. It’ll give me a chance to see the difference six weeks makes.


Todays training

90/90 progression, Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation, band work including Y-raises

Bench press
2x10x160 lbs

Wide grip bench press (pointer finger on ring)
2x10x160 lbs

CGBP to a one-board
10x132 lbs

DB incline bench press
4x12x44 lbs

JM press (replacing skull crushers)
3x10x110 lbs - probably a mite too heavy

Tricep pushdowns
100x22 lbs - AFSAP with 10 second rests. This was not pleasant, nor quick

All up an hour and 15 minutes


Starting light on bench? What percentage does that come out to?


Starting everything light. Fifty-five per cent across the comp lifts (well, 50 for squat now because I’m using the SSB), adding 2.5 kg every week for six weeks. Fridays is a kind of prison bodyweight day that is absolutely disgusting. That’s the hypertrophy phase.


Woke at 250.4 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. DOMS is here, but I expected it. I’m tired because I slept badly the last two nights but my body feels fresh.


Woke at 249.3 lbs, looking less bloated. Still plenty of DOMS but it shifted from my legs mostly to my biceps and triceps.


A bit late but great job on your comp, I saw it on IG, next time that dead will be there!!!


Thanks man.

Bloody oath it’ll be there. It’ll be my second attempt.


Absolutely zero desire to train today.

So I didn’t.


U doing alright big guy?


Yeah, tech just went longer than usual and if I knew if I went to train I wouldn’t get home till after seven; and I also knew Mrs KO and munchkin were already home. When they’re home it’s really hard for me to not go home if I have the option.

We ended up playing hide and seek and Mrs KO got properly scared when she opened her wardrobe when she didn’t think I was there.


An appropriate reaction I think. I’m surprised you’d fit in a wardrobe though


It’s a built-in.

I’m quite squidgy though, so I can get into some surprisingly small spaces.


That was worth a solid laugh.


As long as it’s not every day, you’ll be fine. And a good hide and seek is always good fun.


Woke at 250.9 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


Made it in today.

Todays training

90/90, McGill big three

DL, stiff bar
6xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/264 lbs
2x10x314 lbs - well these felt sexy AF. Moved my feet in a little because I’m not as bloated.

Block pulls from mid shin (replacing rack pulls)
2x10x314 lbs - if these felt sexy it was some kind of weird fetish involving rawhide and unwashed midges. Used straps because I want my left elbow to calm its tits.

Tension headache started. Checked the time; the four sets of 10 took 17 minutes, including loading plates and setting up mats.

DL without touching the floor
10x264 lbs - still straps.

Almost puked. Made me forget the headache for a while.

BB row
3x10x154 lbs

There’s that headache again

DB row
25x88 lbs

Almost puked again

DB press
3x12x38 lbs

Delts burning badly enough that I forgot the headache

3x15x27 lbs

Now I’m just dizzy.

All up an hour and 25 minutes. Slow, but I couldn’t have gone much faster. Total volume was a little over 22000 lbs.

I think I’m back @mortdk


My lower back is pumped just reading this