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MarkKO's Training Log


Yeah I get you Mate, I’m impressed that you even did PR on squats and bench… going in somewhat sick and with a tweaked back.
When you get back take a look at the last meets videos, I think both squat and DL was way of technique wise.
I would have someone to just take a look at that back, if it’s something serious a week of might just leave you thinking it’s good. But heck you squatted a fuckton of Iron, so it can’t be that bad.


The technique side is Greg’s bag. We aren’t encouraged to self assess, and that suits me fine. He’ll pull me up if in training I miss something.

That said, I know on deads I was off today. I was having a hard time getting my lats to squeeze - which is something Greg picked up on week three in fact - and getting my midsection to lock in was a struggle. Luckily I’m back on the stiff bar again and I get lots of reps to practice. So many reps.

The back is definitely on my radar. I don’t think its serious precisely because of what you said, but I won’t be careless.


Mark as always you did not disappoint my friend. You went out there and gave it everything you had. Two PRs on the platform is excellent and next time with you will smash a deadlift too. Well done sir, I am proud of you for your work ethic,
Your consistency and for doing your job.


Fuck yeah big fella, went in feeling a little shit, still smashed it! Top effort!
Good call on ditching the 3rd pull, no point in wrecking your back.


@simo74 @I_Luc

Thanks guys. Yeah, glad I passed that third too now. Getting out of bed is now a major operation :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Lots of blood flow coming to clean those muscles out with the hypertrophy phase. Plus Greg has okayed the use of a SSB for all squats during the six weeks.


Well done Mark!


Sorry it didnt go as planned , but you’re still clearly a machine .

Great work ethic , you’ll crush it in Oct!!


Damn good work, Mark! How many people can go into a meet at less than 100%, tweak their back on lift 2 of 9, and set two PR’s? I would say the bench PR is the lift I’m most happy about. That SOB is stubborn. I know you’ll bounce back and crush the deadlift next time around. The only place to go is up from here!


Due to the sun traveling around like it does the yanks missed the after party.

Awesome job man! You are a beast man. Tweaked back and hammer down. Impressive prs on a day when you were in sicko mode.

Look out spiders.


Yup, we’re all here celebrating for you the morning after. Great job under less-than-favorable conditions. PR’s set, lessons learned, you backed off when you needed to to keep from really hurting yourself, I call that a win!


Hell of an effort Mark, great job.


Shame about your back mate, hope its nothin serious and it clears up pretty quick!

Great work with the Squat and Bench PBs man, you’ll nail it next time


Woke at 254.9 lbs, looking less bloated than I have in a long time. The cold seems to be almost gone, which is good. Surprising, but good. Back is very stiff and tight, moving up and down is not easy. Turning needs some thought.

Thanks for all the support everyone. It means a lot.


Also, Greg has ordered that I do core activation stuff. Apart from the McGill big three @FlatsFarmer what is good? I’m asking because you’re the go to guy for fixing shit.


Great work man!! Congrats on the PR’s! That squat is looking heavy lmao. Beast.

Sucks about the back tweak & being sick, that stuff loves to happen at the worst times. Hope the back improves quick so you can get back to it 100% a week from now.



Bit late to the party, but well done on the meet. I know its not the result you wanted but you did everything you could and got some new PRs from it.


Awesome job!!


Excellent stuff Mark, you should be very proud of your achievements. Well done.


Shit Mark.
Some epic lifting. Nice work hitting the PRs.


Sorry that you got injured and couldn’t perform to your best BUT the lifts you did get in were awesome!
So congrats on 2 PRs and I am sure you will get the PR total at your next meet! Hard work pays off, your log is always a great reminder for that, my friend