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MarkKO's Training Log


Exciting times man. Looking forward to hearing your results.


The last 10 days or so before the meet are weird though. Not training kind of leaves a hole. Except right now it’s a very convenient hole because of how busy work is.


It’s been a while since I’ve had a convenient hole.


Woke at 256 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


Actually doing things right during this peak deload.

Came home and spent a little time loosening up:

Chad Aichs lower back stretch
Bird dogs
Child’s pose (I think that’s what it’s called)
Couch stretch
Arm circles in both directions
A few air squats

Then because why not took pictures in my underwear to post publicly on the internet.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I think my back has grown a bit.




Typical Sunday night really.

Back definitely looks bigger


Also, flights for the meet are out. Well, provisional ones anyway.

As it stands there is one other guy in the 275s, and I checked his most recent total. It looks like he’s a decent bit behind me, unless he just had a really bad meet and only got his openers. I will attempt social media reconnaissance. The dude I thought would be in the 275s and is way stronger than I is in the 308s, so even if he drops down it looks like three at 275 and neither one actual competition.


You will only be competing with yourself. No change there then.


Woke at 256.2 lbs, looking a tad more bloated than yesterday.

@simo74 looks like it. Pity. Hopefully the other dude will bring it though.


Woke at 254.6 lbs, looking a little less bloated than yesterday. Drank enough yesterday (around seven litres, almost entirely water), so mustn’t have eaten enough.


Also, been good about staying loose.

Yesterday (March 20) after work

Chad Aichs lower back stretch
Bird dogs
Child’s pose
Couch stretch
Arm circles in both directions
A few air squats

Today after tech

30ish air squats
Bunch of arm circles
Reach up and back to toe touch


Woke at 256.6 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. I swear I had a fever late yesterday. Started having cold sweats when I left tech and felt nauseous and got a splitting headache. Feel fine this morning though.


Similar shit after work

30 air squats
Arm circles
Child’s pose
Couch stretch
Reach up and back to toe touch
Ankle flex


I hope it’s not the feeling sick shit mate.


Oh, no. I should have specified @mortdk


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Woke at 254 lbs, looking way less bloated than the last few days.


Weighed in at 254.2 lbs in socks and jocks.

Sweating more than I’d expect in this weather and stomach is mildly off. Some of that’s nerves, some is probably my immune system fighting whatever Mrs KO has been having the last few days. All I need to do is keep it at bay for another 36 hours.


Immune system working its butt off right now. I can feel the throat trying to fuck up but being held back. I put the performance down to the cold water showers. Laugh if you will, but the placebo effect is still an effect.

Decided to help my body along a little as well and took an Epsom salts bath about as hot as I can take. Fine, two thirds of me took a bath. The rest doesn’t fit. I figured jacking my temperature up, even for a short while, should make the bug’s life that little bit harder.

No matter fucking what, I’m performing tomorrow. I’ve put too much into this. Until the last deadlift gets set down, nothing matters except that total.