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MarkKO's Training Log


I think Valhalla Strength would be your best bet in Australia. Scott Wasson is a good bloke.

I use the two and a half metre red Slingshots. I go bottom to top, wrapping out with the roll facing away from my leg. Four straight up, overlapping about halfway or a bit less, then across the front of the knee, then straight over it again. The most I can get is eight. If Jake or Jeremy wrap, maybe I could get nine.


Scott Wasson is from the Brisbane PTC? That the fella your talking about? It’s a nice dream, haha,don’t think the minister of finance will release funds for that
Do you try and pass each round behind your knee or as close to?
I’ve tried many wraps over the years but find the old 2 under, 1 on the knee, 2 over with a cross works quite well and is surprisingly comfy, although I rarely go ridiculously tight.
At a couple of comps I’ve been to I’ve seen blokes wrapping with another dude really stretching the suckers.


Originally. I think he bought it off Markos and renamed it Valhalla Strength. So it’s a gym and an equipment company or something.

I used to try passing just behind the knee but now I don’t bother. I figure because I don’t squat super wide it isn’t that important.

The extra guy helps. I think Jeremy and Eric have two guys, one to hold the leg steady and one to wrap. I pre stretched mine on the roller though, which helps a fair bit too. If you haven’t got one just stand on your wraps while rolling them.


Yeah, think of it like Brisbane’s questionable response to Westside :joy:

Great gym though


Regardless of how it felt, it looked like a piece of piss. That’s an awesome PR.


Just saw that lift on IG and it looked real good to me. Very nice work.


Your squat technique Is Amazing and its well under parallel too even with wraps! Honestly one of the best Squat PR’s I’ve ever seen. Looks like you have alot more in the tank too when you’re not so fatigued and come comp day. Awesome work man.


Great squat!


Smooth 11lb PR man, six hundo dropping at this meet? Your squat is starting to run away from mine…


The bulking is seriously paying off. Mass really does move mass.


that squat looking serious. beast!


Woke at 255.9 lbs, looking less bloated than the last few days.

Thanks everyone. You guys rock. It’s all credit to Greg’s system and his hammering technique. All I do is what I’m told.


fucking awesome squat Mark, looked like a walk in the park.


That squat was fast. I don’t know how well you can grind a squat but to me that looks like something around an opener, not a max at all. What do you have in mind for your 3rd attempt at the meet?


This will be my second. Third will be between 584 and 595 lbs depending how my second goes. Opener will be 506 lbs.

I’m not a huge grinder but I can if I have to. I prefer not to though.


Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation thing, band work (with Y raises as an extra), hand release pushups

Bench press
3x176 lbs
1x220 lbs - got liftouts from here on
1x253 lbs
1x286 lbs
1x314 lbs - five pound PR. Felt good enough to go again
1x319 lbs - added a small pause, felt identical to the 314 but called it there. Another 11 pound PR

All up an hour and a half. I needed time to get out of my aroused mindset, which isn’t a pleasant place.


That was speedy enough that I glanced away at a message on my phone when you unracked and had to replay the video because I missed the lift. I wish my PRs looked like that. Especially in terms of how much weight is on the bar, haha.


I try to move the bar fast at all times. Greg also teaches us to descend aggressively, which helps.


Sexy lifting man. Thanks for inspiring me to keep worker harder and better.

Lol. Sorry couldn’t help it. Pls forgive me I’m young and immature.


Two strong sessions back to back!!!