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MarkKO's Training Log


It’s probably just the angle of the video, but it looks like the bar is pretty low and you are far away to start. It’s a long way from the rack to arms length over your chest. You could try to raise the uprights/hooks and slide up the bench a little so you don’t have to move the bar so far on the unrack. Of course lifts offs are cool too.


Woke at 259 lbs, but looking similar to yesterday. Big dinner, which explains some of that.

@FlatsFarmer I could, but where I am feels like it’s where I set up best.


I geuss don’t mess with it right before a meet then!


Todays training

Band work

50 total reps - 30, 20

DB lateral raise
4x12x22 lbs

Bench dips
50 total reps - 20, 20, 10

BB rows
6x132 lbs
6x154 lbs
2x6x176 lbs

Butterfly situps
50 total reps - 20, 15, 15

An hour and 10 minutes which included chatting to big John for a while


Woke at 257 lbs, looking less bloated than yesterday


Just watched your video Markko . Solid lifting. You look a strong big guy


Thanks man. I try.


Woke at 256.4 lbs, looking a tad less bloated than yesterday. Was pretty wrecked yesterday too, and felt like garbage towards the evening. Feeling better today though.


Appetite has been off all weekend. Bar today’s breakfast (four eggs, five hash browns, two English muffins and a small piece of bacon) I’ve had four apples, a shaker full of milk with a ton of Milo, around 150 grams of steak and that’s about it. I’ll have another bunch of milk with Milo and then bedtime. Yesterday was a bit better, but not by too much.

Fuck it, it isn’t like I’m lacking calories over a week. I know I whine about it all the time but right now the hardest thing is eating. During the week is much easier, because I get two breaks at work which forces me to eat then regardless. Plus after training I’m generally hungry.


I feel you mark. My eating is so much better during the week because the routine is fixed.


I get you Mark, it’s hard to eat enough.
Didn’t see it myself but on netflix there’s a program about the Arnold, following some of the strongmen and how they have to almost forcefeed themself.
You’ll get through it, and as you stated you’re not lacking calories over a week. So enjoy the weekend and just eat what you like + a little bit more.


I do the same, I tend to eat less on the weekends, and I usually end up feeling a bit shit. Through the week with structured break times it’s much easier


Keeping on track with eating everyday is Hard going. Things come up, places to go etc, especially at the weekends. I’m still waiting on this magic calorie pill u pop in the morning coming on the market ha


On behalf of the people who are cutting right now, I think I hate you a little bit right now… :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not do a little 4 week mini cut, chubs?

Give yourself a break from stuffing your jowls


Woke at 257.3 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Actually kind of hungry too, which is nice.

@Yogi1 given I’m four weeks out from a meet now isn’t the time. Maybe after. Probably not.


Last couple session looked like you were in there to kill!!


It’s peak, so yes.


Todays training

McGill big three and air squats

Squat, mono
2x5xbar/60 lbs - walked out
5xplate/148 lbs - walked out
3x2 plates/236 lbs - walked out
1x3 plates/348 lbs - belt on, wraps at five revolutions
1x4 plates/434 lbs - six revolutions
1x506 lbs - seven revolutions
1x567 lbs - eight revolutions, which I needed to pre stretch the wraps for. Hit the ammonia beforehand. Eleven pound PR. Not easy enough to warrant any more so called it.

All up an hour and 15 minutes because I took a little time to calm down after and I didn’t rush the lead up.


Smashing the squats big fella! Top effort mate.
I’m thinking I need to get a mono for the garage and put the Mrs to work, enough of this walking it out business.
It’s hard to see your wrap style, with whatever revolutions, do you do a cross at the front at all? How long are they, 11 they must be tight as fuck!