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MarkKO's Training Log


Woke at 255.7 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.

Thanks @I_Luc I really wanted to make them move. It worked apparently.



Didn’t train yesterday. Could have, but would have gotten home later than I like plus my hands were shot from grinding a plane blade back into square and flattening its back. Today the gym is open later because Jake can’t make it so at most I’ll deadlift tomorrow morning and that’ll be it before peak starts on Monday. Means I miss this week’s assistance day which is no biggie.


Also als

Left tricep started twitching overnight. It’s still at it.


Woke at 256.8 lbs, looking a bit bloated.

Kind of happy I’ve missed training the last two days. I’ve been absolutely wrecked if I’m honest. It started Monday night. I think I put a lot more effort into those squats than I realised. It’s not that they were so heavy, but I was so intent on moving them fast I have a feeling I put myself in a different mental place than I normally do in training.

So, kind of a dumb mistake in that it was just training; but good in that I know I can do that.


Maybe but in training you have to go deep from time to time, that I’m absolutely certain about.
Can’t train comfortably and get stronger.


Absolutely @mortdk. I meant more that I went mentally to a different place. I don’t often train comfortably, but I try very hard to stay in a very level and calm place mentally.

On Monday I was calm, but more in the way one stays calm when a fight is about to happen. Wound tight is probably a good description. Similar to meet day I guess.

One thing for sure, I am very ready to peak. I had a dip about three weeks ago, I was wondering if I’d manage anything. Then I had that deload and I know I’m ready.


The competition numbers will be amazing!

How far out are you?


Five week tomorrow.

Monday peak starts.


This is something we all have looked forward too.
I’m bringing out the popcorn, now it starts to be interesting.


It’ll be very interesting to see what you get come meet day Mark, enjoy the Peak!


It’s very nice how interested you all are @losthog @mortdk @andypee

I’ve talked a bit about the peaking system Greg uses, but not in any great degree of detail. The first week, next week, is just two or three singles at 90 per cent of our working max and minimal assistance work. It’s week two where all we do is work up to a small PR.

Week two is where my head’s been at since the beginning of the year. I’m doing exactly what I’m told, and going for a small (five pound) PR on each lift. If on the day the bar with that PR moves fast I’ll reassess and may take another attempt with up to 10-20 lbs on top but I’m not allowing myself to speculate. I’ll be genuinely content with five pounds.

That will mean 562/314/622 lbs in week two. That in turn translates to around 578/319/639 lbs for a 1537 lbs total on meet day. This is also a very conservative estimate, assuming I take my lowest option for each third attempt.


I’ve been following along on your journey for a long time, I think I started browsing here on TN log section about this time 2 years ago, I still remember the pics were you weighed in at just around 183 lbs in may 2017.

It’s been great Mark.
Remember the first meet.

July 2017


And look at the numbers 1½ years later woop woop


Ooooh 5 weeks to go, now I’m getting excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’re all super interested, Mark. Even guys like me who don’t post in logs very often.


Yep, watchin.


Hey, don’t forget me, I’m in too.




I follow for more than just the bodyweight PRs!
I’m pumped to see some new personal records dropping in 5 weeks (and also next week). Let’s get it Mark. Lots of work has been put in, time to be rewarded.


Woke at 256.8 lbs again, less bloated than yesterday. Napped yesterday and slept quite long overnight and boy does it help.


You’re all awesome, just saying.