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MarkKO's Training Log


Mate sounds like a winner, it is sure to get some followers but maybe for the wrong reason. You probably should get @guineapig to consult on the tights, as he is the resident expert.


Sure thing Mark, go ahead make my day :slight_smile:


Nice to see you’re branching out :wink:




Mark would like some advice on the best tights to wear for optimal fitness performance and maximum likes on IG. What options does he have ?


Gymshark womens range lol. 3/4 to make you look extra stubby and draw attention towards your hips.

If srs: Virus or 2XU


Woke at 256.2 lbs, looking pretty much the same as yesterday.


Todays training

McGill big three, reverse hyper and air squats

High bar squat
2x5xbar/60 lbs
5xplate/170 lbs
3x2 plates/236 lbs
2x6x302 lbs - belt on

DB lunges
20x33 lbs each leg

Reverse hyper replacing back extensions
4x10x110 lbs

Fuck me but the lower back pump

BB rows
10x132 lbs
10x154 lbs
10x176 lbs
10x198 lbs

Bar the back pump from the hypers these were easy. Weird

Lying leg raises
50 total reps: 25, 15, 10

An hour and 10 minutes. Not bad for a close to 12 hour turnaround.


Woke at 255 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. The drop is dehydration because I was slack AF about my hydration yesterday.


Woke at 254.6 lbs, a tad less bloated than yesterday. Didn’t eat that much, didn’t drink enough either apparently. It was the weekend so it doesn’t really matter too much as I was largely inactive, but still. Need to watch that.


Todays training

McGill big three, reverse hyper and air squats

2x5xbar/60 lbs
5xplate/170 lbs
3x2 plates/238 lbs
2x3 plates/348 lbs - belt on
1x413 lbs - wraps on, six revolutions
4x1x445 lbs - out of the mono, seven revolutions
4x445 lbs - mono, seven revolutions. Probably the easiest set of the day. Helps that I cranked the wraps a bit.

Front squat
2x5x238 lbs - probably should have been a tad lighter but too lazy to unload the squat bar

Banded good mornings
50xred band in one set

Inverted rows

All up an hour and 45 minutes. Fuck me but wraps add TIME. One wrapped set averages around seven minutes including wrapping, getting my belt and wrist wraps on, the set, unwrapping and rolling the wraps back up. Take the wraps out of the equation and a set is maybe three minutes.


Nice work as always Mark. Not criticising but I have to say that since you changed you log to read plates per side and pounds it takes me a lot of mental maths to work it out. It’s probably a good thing, at my age it’s use it or start to lose it !!!


Woke at 255 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.

@simo74 it’s just easier to do. Instead of worrying how much to use warming up, I just as plates. Well, mostly.


All good mate it’s your log. It just takes me a little longer to read and understand it. You usually chuck a vid up of the big sets anyway so that makes it easier :joy:


Ok, so last night I got home and was good for precisely nothing. My hands kept cramping up like claws. Went to bed super early and woke at around 0100 with a splitting headache. Downed a bunch of water and woke up fine. Hands still pretty wrecked though. I’m going to blame cutting board all day yesterday at least in part.

Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation thing, band work, five very clean wide overhand grip pullups, hand release pushups

Bench press
8x3x160 lbs with 10 second rests - took two minutes and 35 seconds, kept going over slightly on the rests

CGBP to a two board (index finger on the smooth)
2x10x160 lbs

3x10xbodyweight - lower right lat cramped on set one because I wasn’t squeezing what I should have been and kept twisting around. Third set had to do rest/pause

Tricep pushdowns
4x10x44 lbs

Bent over DB rows
3x12x50 lbs

Rear delt flys supersetted with front plate raises
2x10 each of 38 and 33 lbs respectively

All up an hour and 20 minutes.


Woke at 253.5 lbs, looking way less bloated. Fucked up my eating yesterday. Missed most of lunch and didn’t catch up enough at dinner.


Thus powerlifting stuff is so far out of my wheel house, I have nothing of any use to add. Looks like you’re working hard and progressing well though, good work.



Woke at 254.9 lbs, and not much more bloated than yesterday.


Looking beastly Mark, and those squats are flying up.