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MarkKO's Training Log


Thankyou for making me smile today despite my mother in law still being in my house and annoying the crap out of me.


Actually, since I only turned up when he was turning two that could be how he turned up…


Woke at 254.6 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


Well, I’m going to go ahead and back off on the food for a day or two. Last 24 hours has been a struggle to eat as much as normal. Not the usual I’m full struggle, it’s the one more bite and I’m projectile vomiting struggle.


Look out he may have found the limit…


Pretty much. Same thing happened mid November last year. I backed off the force feeding and felt better, dropped maybe two lbs at most. Then around a month later started gaining again without knowingly increasing my intake. Figure I’ll do the same this time.


Also, @losthog similar subject if you get the change try Ethiopian food. They do this fermented flat bread called injera, it’s brilliant.


Right on! I was a foodie before I lifted iron and controlled diet. I will see what I can find!

We have a family friend that lived in Africa (Kenya) for 20+ years. His wife made an African dish that we ate with our hands. Like greens and had this pinch bread mash that you grabbed the greens with. It was delicious.

I’ve got to find an Ethiopian restaurant now


Could have been cassava leaves? They’re delicious. Mrs KO is Ugandan originally so she cooks a fair bit of east African food. She does this awesome kind of stir fry of tomatoes, silverbeet, chillies and peanut sauce.


Todays training

McGill big three and reverse hyper

DL, DL bar
5xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/264 lbs
1x3 plates/352 lbs - belt on
1x418 lbs - double overhand just failed at lockout. Really fucking close, so that’s a bit of a win because I’ve never managed that before
3x1x468 lbs - by number three they felt pretty decent.

Phone rings just as I’m about to hit my triple and since it’s Mrs KO I pick up. Turns out she’s stuck in a car park and after school starts charging a ton extra in about 25 minutes and she figures no way she’ll make it so can I get munchkin. I said I’d hit my set, strip the bar and go.

Now, I was meant to go 3x1, 3, 8 and not kill myself getting the eight in one set. I figured I’d try and hit eight at least

4x418 lbs - could have gotten five, maybe six so no point in pushing.

I’ll do the remaining seven and rest of the work tomorrow and do tomorrow on Saturday morning. Except I’ll actually do Friday week on Saturday and tomorrow next Friday. Why, you ask? Because the turnaround between tomorrow and Saturday will be around 12 hours, and tomorrow is lower body accessory while Friday week is upper. I figure it’s a better idea to train upper after deadlift day with a short turnaround; and because I’m coming off a deload and peaking in a week and bit of won’t matter that I fall out of sync with the Friday work.


Oh, and now my right elbow and forearm have blown up again because on top of work I’ve spent the last three nights putting together a loft bed for munchkin as well as breaking down his old bunk bed. Mrs KO found the new bed on Gumtree, as I’ve mentioned. Looks nice assembled, but was so rickety when it arrived I didn’t trust it to be safe and had to add in proper fixings. Nobody’s fault, but flat pack furniture doesn’t tend to tolerate being taken apart and put together again very well.

Guess what flares my forearm and elbow up more than anything? Drilling and driving. What did I spent the last three nights doing after work? Drilling and driving.

So now I’m going to have to wear my cuff to train again. Yay.

Plus I’m tired AF because I’ve effectively done 12 hour days since Monday, except part of it was working at home.


It is all about maintaining that work/life/lifting balance, and I’d say you’re doing a damn good job of it!


I spent the last summer building camping platforms and I can attest to that. I had my elbow problem right as I started that job, and it just persisted for months since I couldn’t really rest it. Pain in the ass.


Woke at 256.8 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Maybe a tad less bloated.

@littlesleeper thanks mate. I try.

Or the elbow @mr.v3lv3t


Absolutely wrecked today.

Todays training

DL, DL bar
3xplate/154 lbs
1x2 plates/264 lbs
1x3 plates/374 lbs - belt on and double overhand fucking barely held past my knees
7x468 lbs - despite close to two scoops of pre trainer I was still exhausted so huffed some of the gym ammonia. Did the job.

Bulgarian split squats
2x10x44 lbs - these were easy

Banded good mornings
100xred band: 3x20, 40

Single leg hack squat replacing single leg seated leg press
3x10x44 lbs - stupid hard on the teardrop

All up an hour and five minutes


Figured I’d throw the DL set up on IG because I think it looked pretty good.


lol I read this and thought glad I’m not the only one.


@MarkKO can I just say thankyou for your witty retort on IG. It made me laugh and considering I was sitting on the couch next to the mother in law, that is no mean feat. You sir are a legend. :+1:


hahaha @simo74 love your IG reply
Would just love to see Mark in tights doing a fitness video.
On another note, nice pulls Mark, you make it look easy. Yeah it’s hard I can see it, but it looks stupidly easy and fast.


@simo74 it is my pleasure

@mortdk thanks mate.

With this tights thing, though, maybe I should start a new IG channel: tightandhairy. Subscription only, of course. Thoughts?