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MarkKO's Training Log



I’m glad to see that I’m in the footsteps of a giant. :joy::doughnut:


Is there any reason you are using such a light weight when doing these? Just curious!


Mark is only strong on the big three :slight_smile:


Woke at 254 lbs, looking less bloated than yesterday.

@isdatnutty there’s what @mortdk said, but also right now I’m just fatigued as fuck so I’m using them to keep my hips open more than anything. Earlier on I was using 88 lbs because that’s the heaviest DB we have. I don’t think I’d ever go above 150 lbs even if I had access to that though. Most I’ve done from memory is about 120 lbs.


Oh ok, that makes total sense. I figured you might be doing some active mobility type stuff with that light of a weight. I’ve never done goblet squats with more than a 100lb DB. Anything heavier and I might as well do a front squat with a BB at that point lol.


They’re not a heavy movement. I can get a pretty insane pump from goblet squats even with a light weight.


Took a few more pics because why not. This is after emptying, then breakfast and around a litre of fluid. I’m comfortable saying I weigh 250 lbs now, as I’ve been sitting there or over for a week or more now.

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A propos of nothing, did anyone see the new Greg Nuckols article about the SSB bar? Well, article about a few articles.

I like the guy and I understand that the scientific approach is his jam, but all I could get out of it was that a couple of studies showed what any reasonably knowledgeable masthead could have told you years ago.


Woke at 255.3 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


I don’t know what’s up with Nuckols lately, he seems like he lost a couple of screws. A couple months ago he made a post about safety squat bars, basically saying they are useless and dangerous. His argument about the danger aspect seemed to be based on the idea that you were pushing up on the handles, have the bar on your neck rather than traps, and were not squatting in a power rack with safeties or otherwise with competent spotters.

He was also saying that the leverages would be no different than a back squat because the bar is on your back, but that’s obviously not the case. He even went as far as saying the Transformer bar is nothing ore than clever marketing and the changes in angle and camber length would make no difference, but if he had ever used one he would know that is not true. I actually quoted one of his articles where he explained the difference in leverages between front, high bar, and low bar squats and then about a minute later he erased the thread and made a new post saying he was too busy for this discussion and would continue it the following week. When he posted about it again he completely changed his tune and basically tried to end any debate. I think he must have been drunk or off his meds when he made the first post.

The funny thing about this article, when he first announced the article was in the latest issue of MASS (his online magazine) I suggested that he make it available to the public due to the fact he had made previous comments criticizing SSBs. He said I should subscribe to MASS instead, but the thing isn’t cheap and most of the content appears to be nothing more than mental masturbation (such as this article) so I won’t bother with that. I find it funny that he turned around and made it public after all. He used to put out some good information but what he is doing these days doesn’t interest me and he’s trying to charge top dollar for it as well.


He needs something to sell is what’s up. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, he just doesn’t have anything much to offer so he has to make it seem like he does. It’ll appeal to the kind of people who read more than they train.

That’s why I’ve got high regard for guys like Greg and Swede and Dave Tate (not that my regard means shit). They make things simple. They dont wrap it up in fancy terminology and make it confusing.

I get the need for terminology, I’ve got a science degree and I understand it reasonably well but training doesn’t need it because it’s simple enough.


I used to have a lot of respect for him but he basically made a fool of himself in public. Fortunately for him, he deleted the original post/thread but I still remember.

Science can still provide new ideas for training and figure out whether certain concepts are worthwhile or not, but at a certain point it becomes useless when you go on and on to reach a conclusion that the average powerlifter could have told you.


It’s a tough market. If I could figure out how to convince people to pay me week after week to provide the same information then I’d be a coach/trainer. But I can’t. And I don’t feel the need to confuse people to keep them coming back.

Training is simple and the same approach actually can provide results for a variety of goals. I could run the same program for fat loss, hypertrophy, strength, and athletic performance. The only reason there’s a need for variety is psychological preferences.


Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation thing, band work, seven wide overhand grip pullups, hand release pushups

Bench press
5x3x138 lbs

Including stretching and mobility shit 35 minutes


Woke at 254.9 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


It looks like the weight gain is back on track.


I’m again just here for the beef(y) posts.


Yeah, somehow @FlatsFarmer and it happened when I stopped forcing myself to eat. My guess is my body needed to get used to being heavier before it was prepared to add any more.


Todays training

McGill big three and reverse hyper

DL, DL bar
5xplate/154 lbs
5x3x281 lbs

Got a hell of a lower back pump, probably because I spent a good few hours loading and unloading joinery.


Woke at 254.9 lbs, looking a bit less bloated than yesterday.