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MarkKO's Training Log


You really know how to dig deep man. Get the batteries recharged mate


Bad throat sounds similar to what I had. Lots of tonsillitis going around this week.


Woke at 246 lbs, looking much the same as yesterday. Feeling a bunch better too.


Good mate.


I’m pleased. It looks like I’ve come down with a cold, because I’m starting to sniffle today. What threw me yesterday was that I didn’t exactly have a sore throat. Not that I’m complaining, sore throats are my least favourite ailment. It’s just that usually I get a sore throat for a day or two, then the sniffles. Apparently my body did me a solid and skipped the first part.


Todays training

Squat, walked out
5x3x253 lbs

All up eight minutes


Love a good quickie.


Woke at 245.4 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Feeling better.


Woke at 245.4 lbs again, little bit extra lower ab bloating but nothing major.


Todays training

Seven wide grip overhand pullups

Bench press
5x3x138 lbs, didn’t get up between sets

All up 13 minutes


Woke at 244 lbs, looking less bloated than yesterday. Deload has done its work too. I’m feeling ready to get beat to shit again.


Get beat to shit boi!


Todays training

McGill big three

DL, stiff bar
3x2 plates
5x3x286 lbs

Grip was good, technique was good.

Interesting note, this week I didn’t wear a cuff on my right forearm training. Today was the test, and it felt fine. The damn thing still hurts plenty, and I wear the cuff all day at work, but for brief periods it seems like I can do without it.


Woke at 243.6 lbs, a little bit more bloated than yesterday which I’m putting down to a few slices of pizza I had at dinner. Nothing extreme though.


Woke at 246 lbs, but looking the same as yesterday. Go figure. I think the jump is a combination of cold pizza for dinner and a bunj of Gatorade during the day.


Woke at 245.6 lbs, looking less bloated than yesterday.


Looking strong man, how’s it going?


Thanks! I’m well. I’m definitely the strongest I’ve been, the heaviest I’ve been (and not disgustingly sloppy with it) and understand a lot more than I did. It’s good to see you back.


Todays training

McGill big three, reverse hyper and air squats

Hips feeling tightish

Squat, walked out
5xplate/170 lbs
3x2 plates/259 lbs
2x3 plates/347 lbs
1x391 lbs, belt on
4x1x435 lbs, bare knees - my walkouts fucking SUCKED today
2x435 lbs, bare knees out of the mono and holy jeebus not walking out made a difference (Jake offered to work the gate. Never had before. My walkouts must have looked truly disgusting)
6x435 lbs, wraps (6 revolutions) out of the mono - forgot my groove on the first but it went up nicely anyway, got back into the groove but fifth and sixth weren’t easy

Olympic squats
2x6x302 lbs - fuck these. My abs almost cramped on both sets around rep five

Air squats

3x5 - wide overhand, wide neutral, close neutral

DB row
2x10x88 lbs - grip was fried from pullups. Lats a bit too.

All up an hour and 20 minutes


Entirely non training related.

I just had a sharp reminder that I really, REALLY don’t understand human relationships.

It seems like I’m in the minority in that I pick who I care about and have no qualms not caring about people I apparently should. No cause for alarm, Mrs KO and I are fine. I just get bewildered when I see Mrs KO persisting in maintaining a relationship with some blood relatives when it mostly causes her distress. I find myself unable to give any advice beyond that if they cause you stress, stop having anything to do with them. That’s what I do, regardless of who the person is. I have almost nothing to do with my mother because any time spent with her brings back unpleasant feelings and memories from my childhood, which wasn’t happy. No recriminations, but a few years ago I decided I was done making myself unhappy for no good reason.

Makes for a much happier life IMHO. Life’s too hard and short to bother with excess shit.