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MarkKO's Training Log


Thanks mate.

Also, I refer you to my avatar…


All this bench and leg work but your forgetting to flex them face muscles😂


My jawline has reached its natty limit…


I’m sure you could push it further…
A double chin perhaps?


Woke at 245.8 lbs, a bit less bloated than yesterday.




I don’t like being on ladders. I also don’t like holding bulkheads and panels overhead, whether or not I’m on a ladder. Guess what I spent most of today doing.

Todays training

McGill big three and reverse hyper

DL, stiff bar
5xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/264 lbs
1x3 plates/352 lbs - double overhand, just held on. This should have told me something.

I was meant to do 4x3 and a five with 10 second rests at 396 lbs.

2x396 lbs, beltless but no fucking way I was going for 10 second rests beltless

Belt on

1x396 lbs

Ok, wasn’t just no belt. Weight is fine, but having considerable difficulty string anything over one rep together

3x396 lbs

So if I really try I can string a triple together, but that’s about it. Fuck.

1x396 lbs

Yeah, nah. Maybe straps would help

2x3x396 lbs - pretty close to 10 seconds between but that was that.

Belt and straps off because fuck this. Decided to try to salvage something out of this and just get the reps done.

4x396 lbs

Go figure. This all took 16 minutes

Sumo DL
3x4x396 lbs

Ok, bar my grip going to hell (kind off) these were actually pretty easy. Well, the first two sets anyway. I think it’s because they took my back out which is absolutely trashed from work.

SSB good morning
2x8x132 lbs

Bent over DB row
3x10x44 lbs

Split squat
12x48 lbs because I forgot whether it was 10 or 12 reps
10x48 lbs - it was 10 reps

All up an hour and a half.

Probably doesn’t help that I’m training four days straight because I was travelling Monday but I’m putting most of the blame on work.


He is human :blush:
Yes work and shit really can affect training
You’ll bump back into it


I’ve got a deload next week, so yes I’ll be fine :rofl:

It’s also a matter of accumulated fatigue. I’m around three cycles away from peak so I’m carrying about as much fatigue as I’m going to.


How often do you deload? I’m finding myself needing one every 4th week. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong because everyone else on here my age/ similar strength level doesn’t seem to need one as frequent as i do.

I understand it’s also completely individual and alot of factors come into it.


Woke at 246.9 lbs, looking a bit less bloated than yesterday.

@duketheslaya I go every fourth week too. I was going every fifth but that started being too little a month or so ago so Greg said I could go every fourth.

Remember just because other people your age aren’t deloading as often doesn’t mean they don’t need to. They just might be failing to do what is necessary. Lots of adults do it too. You may also be working harder than they are.

Either way, I wouldn’t worry.


No ladders today!

Todays training

McGill big three, reverse hyper and air squats (normal and wide)

Wide stance squat
5xplate/148 lbs
2x13x253 lbs

Air squats

Walking lunges
2x50 feet

Seated hamstring curls
3x15x66 lbs

BB row
8x176 lbs
8x198 lbs
8x220 lbs
8x242 lbs

3x1 minute

All up an hour and 10 minutes


Thankyou for the info

I wont


Woke at 245.8 lbs, looking the same as yesterday.


It’s not the worst thing in the world to stabilize at a new weight. I seem to have settled in at 240ish by eliminating animal crackers. I’d like to lose more since I’ve given up on bulking and I’m ready to cut the fat but my bulking eating habits are winning the battle.


It sure isn’t :blush:

I’m really enjoying not stuffing myself to the point of nausea. All I’m doing is making sure I eat. I know what my portions should look like, so I go with that.


Woke at 245.4 lbs, a bit more bloated around the lower abs but nothing extreme.


Woke at 246 lbs, less bloated than yesterday.


Thank fuck it’s deload. Couldn’t get up this morning, so I’ve spent most of the day in bed. Not a decision I took lightly either, as I hate taking time off work after my last job saw me get in some terrible habits because of how much I hated it.

However, after making sure I was legitimately in no state to work, I decided it was for the best. For one, I was out of it enough that me and power tools were a bad mix. For two, chances are I’d make more mistakes than usual and that costs money now. Lastly, I really was fucked. My throat has been off since Saturday and I’ve been stiff and achy all over across the weekend.

Feeling somewhat better now, and a decent sleep overnight will put me back to functional.


Get well soon mate!