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MarkKO's Training Log


If I’m cutting at 4600, you should be on higher
Percentage of mass to height ratio, you’re much bigger then I am
Double what Rob said, chuck in a mass shake at lunch and dinner


Looks like I’m going to need to eat more then. I’ll see what the scale does over the next week.

If I can end the month with even a small gain, great. That’ll mean I don’t have to change anything yet as I’m still gaining. If I end the month with no gain or even a loss, I’m going to have to implement something to up the calories.

The other option would be to leave things until after the March meet. As it is now, I’m basically a 242. I’m not a fan of cutting weight but less than five pounds barely counts, especially with a 24 hour weigh in. That would take some of the pressure off in terms of pushing the weight gain. I might even end up around 250 lbs by meet day in which case I’d just go in the 275s. Then after the meet I could push to 265 lbs again, so by my next meet in late 2019 I’d be a legitimate 275.

Another option which is sacrilegious AF would be for me to actually cut back a little until March. I don’t think I’d lose much muscle, simply because I have plenty of fluff. Without actually having to go through much shit I’d probably get to around 230 lbs or so. I don’t see that I’d lose strength because it’s a small drop. Last cut I didn’t start to lose strength until I was sitting well below 210 lbs, and that was 15-20 lbs in.

That would sit me comfortably in the 242s and arguably set me up better for a run at 265 lbs.

I’ll be honest, a big concern for me is that if I increase my calories again and keep gaining I’ll gain fat more than anything. I know I’m not eating that much but I also know how relatively easily I gain. I’m already pretty fucking fat right now, but I’m ok with it because it’s come with enough muscle and strength gain.

I’m really starting to wonder if maybe cutting down to 225-230 lbs wouldn’t set me up in a better place to add more muscle. I have a suspicion that now I’m so much more active at work It wouldn’t take a huge drop in calories for me to shed some fat.


What is your food selection like? I have only ever seen the Skip Loads.


This is what Mike Israetel says, you don’t want to keep bulking for more than about 3 months straight or you will start to gain more fat than muscle. Also, if you are already carrying a lot of fat then insulin sensitivity will be low and cause you to gain more fat. Basically, don’t bulk for too long at one time without a break and especially if you are already at a high bf% don’t try to gain too much too fast. If you still want to gain another 20lbs or whatever it would be better to take a break from bulking for a month or two and then start up again, bulk when training volume is high and maintain when it’s lower (intensity or peaking blocks).


Like hanging out at 245 for awhile and establishing a new “set point.” Like when you got skinny, only reversed.


@botslayer a lot of lean meat, rice, potatoes, pasta, bread and cereal. I try to keep as low fat as I can. That’s kind of what makes it harder, it’s the volume I have to eat. Cereal is a godsend in that respect.

@chris_ottawa makes a lot of sense. I’m strongly leaning towards the set point idea @FlatsFarmer mentioned. I was even considering using the hypertrophy block after my next meet to do a small cut because the loads are low but the volume is messed up. Then I could go back to gaining around June 2019.


Ok, decision time. I’m going to work on staying around 245-7 lbs until after the March meet. At the very least it’ll let me take a break from force feeding myself. I’ll even allow a drop to around 235 lbs if it happens. Then I’ll reassess after the meet whether I need to cut down a tad to have a good run-up at 265 lbs or if I can go straight in.

Thanks for the input peoples. It helped.

The goal of 265 lbs hasn’t changed, but I’m smart enough to know when I need to tweak the approach.


Woke at 248.5 lbs, looking much the same as usual. That’s a pretty good start.


Also decided to stop tracking calories for a while and just eyeball portions. Main reason for the decision was that I considered it and it freaked me out, so I figured I really should do it. It seems like a good time to do it, given I’m looking to stay around this weight. I’ll keep weighing myself, because that will give me the information I need over time. Scale goes up or down too much means I adjust intake accordingly.


Good decision Mark.
I might even go with the slight drop in weight as you suggested, that way you could eat more when the hypertrophy phase started. The goal here would be to gain weight I suppose.


We’ll definitely see what eventuates. The biggest change for me is not tracking. I’m quietly freaking out pretty much constantly, which reinforces my opinion that it’s high time I did it.


We’re different animals, but when I quit tracking I lose weight.


That’s what I’m hoping. What I’m worried about is the opposite happening, although given I won’t be forcing myself to eat I think I’m probably just freaking out because I’m not tracking.


If it’s hard to pack the weight on, fat will come off “easy” once you eat “normal”. Our bodies are always trying to revert to “normal” which is always opposite of our goals, lmao, it’s frustrating : ) Just obviously keep lifting (duh heeh) to keep the muscle on. No need to freak out :f


Todays training

McGill big three, reverse hyper and air squats

Realised by now that my lats were already fried from work, and I already knew my lower back was off from the drive to and from Melbourne over the weekend. Turns out my hips were tight too.

Squat, walked out
2x5xbar/60 lbs
2x5xplate/148 lbs
3x2 plates/258 lbs
2x3 plates/346 lbs which all of a sudden felt pretty good

Belt on

4x2x434 lbs, bare knees - combination of tired lats and off lower back made these feel heavy and I really had to work to execute the technique
5x434 lbs, wraps (6 revolutions) - first rep was very good and flew. It went downhill from there. Called it at five.

Hack squat replacing leg press
12x110 lbs
10x132 lbs
8x154 lbs
6x176 lbs

No rest apart from adding plates

Goblet squats
3x10x53 lbs - focused on sitting back to compensate for having to replace leg press with hack squats

Seated hamstring curls
2x15x44 lbs

Lat pulldown
4x10x143 lbs

All up an hour and 15 minutes


Pretty sure if I didn’t track, I’d be the size of a house in a week. I’ve been known to see off two jars of peanut butter in a single sitting when I wasn’t being strict. Clearly I lack any leptin response.


Woke at 246.3 lbs, looking a tad less bloated. Also stiff as a fucking board.


You test levels must be better than mine!


More holding shit overhead. More fried lats and tired shoulders. I’m getting better balance on ladders though.

Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation thing, band work, pullups (three and two, lats are fucking toast), hand release pushups

Bench press
3x198 lbs
3x1x248 lbs
4x248 lbs

My lats and shoulders being tired did not make it particularly easy

Bench to a 2-board
2x6x204 lbs

Lat pulldown
10x143 lbs
10x132 lbs
10x121 lbs
10x110 lbs

Did this as a drop set to save time

Skull crushers
2x10x94 lbs

2x12 - these were a fucking struggle. First set went 5, 2, 3, 2 and second 7, 3, 2

Rear delt flys
3x12x38 lbs

All up an hour and five minutes


A couple of hours later I decided to take some fatsique shots. Back ones are fucked because camera fucked the focus


A few things of note;

Fuck that bench moved quick

It seems your body has kind of adjusted to the weight, I know it’s no physique show what you’re trying to achieve, but comparable to your last check in, you’re much less blocky and it’s kind of all… proportional

And lastly, smile, fucker