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MarkKO's Training Log


Was in a rush today so gave myself an hour to train. Outside of my right thigh has lost feeling. Started yesterday.

Todays training

McGill big three

DL, stiff bar
5xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/264 lbs
1x3 plates/352 lbs
3x2x440 lbs
3x440 lbs
8x440 lbs - first seven felt easy enough, eighth enough to stop. Didn’t help that I’ve got a cut on my left palm from work.

Sumo DL
2x6x336 lbs - used straps because of my hand

Goblet squats (replacing leg press)
3x10x70 lbs

Seated hamstring curls
4x15x44 lbs

Obnoxious pump and burn

8 wide neutral, 4 wide neutral, 4 close neutral - at most two minutes between sets.

Including stretching too 58 minutes. I don’t think I took more than two minutes between any set except before the eight.


You have to be one of the few people who choose goblet squats over leg press.


He doesn’t have a leg press


That makes more sense. I hate holding a DB/KB close to my chest while squatting so I naturally assume everyone hates it.


Woke at 246.7 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.

@JMaier31 I don’t mind goblet squats but yes, no leg press.


Getting strong I see. @ me when you do meets/testing maxes, I am not on here very often.


You make it look easy man, good show.


Will do @Destrength but it won’t be till end of March next year.


Strong DL Mark. Ain’t nothing but a peanut.
On the other hand It’s “only” about 72% of you 1RM.
I’m beginning to notice a picture around here.
You are so damn strong that you 70 percent lift is so heavy that the rest of us thinks damn man 8 reps 440 lb how can you do it.
BUT you still have to lift it.
I think that you doing 8 reps at 72% is much more taxing than me doing 8 reps at 72%, because you activates a lot more muscle fibers than I do.
I really can’t wait to start my own program by the start of next year, doing most of my work in that percentage range.


Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, Super D shoulder, band work, seven pullups, hand release pushups

2x15x154 lbs - between sets thought I’d check Greg’s guidelines and turns out I’ve been griping too wide. Set two moved to his instructed width: index on the smooth. Very, very different. Much more triceps.

DB bench giant set with DB fly
4x10 of each 44 lbs and 22 lbs - the instructions were no rest between sets which I took to mean do all sets in one hit. It sucked. Good pump though.

Military press
2x4x176 lbs - I figured four reps was licence to push it a little. I’m not unhappy with this as a third exercise in.

3x10 - failed the tenth rep on set three twice, both around halfway

BB row
2x12x132 lbs - used straps because I want my cut to close the fuck up. Really let me concentrate on my lats, so got a great pump.

DB row
2x12x88 lbs - straps again, more good pump


All up an hour and 25 minutes. A tad too slow


Woke at 246.3 lbs, pretty bloated thanks to the buttload of veggies I ate yesterday and a bit more fat that I usually eat. I’ve been eating around 4600 cal/day the last few days, then a week past that between 4000 and 4600. I honestly have no fucking idea how I can be not adding weight.

Also, took waist and chest measurements on waking. Chest is up 2 cm, waist probably about the same or a bit more, but that’s with a definite bloat. Chest is larger than waist too.

@mortdk thanks. You may have a point. I’ve noticed as I get bigger, my recovery slows down.


I would rephrase that to “As I get stronger” you get closer to the full potential of your muscle mass, and that takes much longer to recover from.


I eat that for breakfast Bitch.

Just kidding - that’s close to three days of calories for this prissy bitch. It makes me retch just thinking about it.


It makes me almost retch on occasion :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

We’re in Melbourne for a weekend break and from this morning until Monday night I’ve decided not to count what I eat. I’ll still eat a ton, but won’t look at the numbers. I’m hoping somehow that’ll kickstart gaining again.


Have you talked to greg about the wieght gain issue? You’re eating alot.


If it really stalls I will. I think the last few kilos will take a real push is all.


Not long to go!


That’s it. I’m pretty sure my body wants to sit around 95 kg if it’s left to itself. I’ve gotten around 17 kilos past that relatively easily, so I’ve got nothing to complain about.


Mate 4600 cals isn’t that much, back when I was younger and at around 93kg I was eating 6000 a day and still struggling to get heavier. As you get bigger you really need to eat a lot to keep pushing the weight up. That’s where protein shakes with avocado, oats, honey and peanut butter help!!!