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MarkKO's Training Log


Beast mode. I’ll get there one day




That’s 20 reps with 4 plates damn Mark Strong.


Woke at 246.9 lbs, way less bloated than yesterday. What the fuck?! Seriously?! I think I need to get a blender.


Wow that is a nice set of squats 12x407. :scream_cat:


It was ok. I managed to keep locked in, which is most important.


Form was solid on the reps? One thing about high rep sets is you can feel the “wander” in form and work to correct it on the next reps. When it gets too sloppy shut it down to avoid injury.

Just curious what percentage is this weight for you ?



If you know what you need to be doing, yes. Otherwise something just feels off and you end up ingraining bad habits.

That’s 80%. I’ll be quite pleased when it’s 60%.


How are you hitting 12 reps at 80%?


It’s the Panora (Panera?) Way.


Because I manage my fatigue and train intelligently.

I don’t go balls out every session. Hell, I never go balls out in training. What would be the point?

Greg teaches us to perfect technique and work just hard enough to accumulate enough fatigue to adapt but not run ourselves into the ground. Yes, we feel like hell a lot of the time, because we’re fatigued. Because we deload regularly we just feel like hell, we don’t get hurt.

This is training to build a total, not training to enjoy yourself or look good or impress followers. It’s boring, it sucks, it hurts a bunch but it’s designed to do one thing and it does that very, very well. That’s why we do it.


Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, Super D shoulder, band work, six pullups, hand release pushups

Bench press
3x176 lbs
4x3x204 lbs with 10 second rests - kept the rests to that except the last by a couple of seconds. This was pretty easy

Wide grip bench press (pointer finger on rings)
3x5x204 lbs

Skull crushers
3x10x94 lbs

Diamond pushups

Right pec/delt tie in didn’t even wince. The extra work has been paying off so I’ll definitely keep it in.

Band facepull
5x10 with red band

DB row
3x12x88 lbs

All up an hour and 15 minutes


Those presses looked fast! Keep up the awesome work man!!


Thanks. It’s weird, that’s kind of my default speed unless I’m almost failing. I don’t think a plate moved any faster, and I don’t think over two plates would move much slower.


Woke at 246.5 lbs, looking a little bloated compared to yesterday. This is getting beyond a fucking joke.


Woke at 246.3 lbs, looking less bloated than yesterday. No idea why I keep dropping. I’ve eaten and drunk plenty.


Thinking about it, dehydration seems the most obvious answer. It’s gotten hotter, I’ve been sweating a fair bit and also been thirsty. I guess I just haven’t drunk enough. I’ll shoot for over seven litres today and see if that helps. I


Hi Mark, wanted to ask this for a while.

I have read multiple times that you are working on something very big for yourself nutrition wise, and that you’ve been dieting for a long time. If I recall correctly, someone mentioned you are trying to reset your body fat settling point?

I tried to find some info on what exactly it is you’re doing in your log here but I didn’t have much luck. Out of curiosity, would you be so kind to explain me what your plan is?


It’s understandable that it’s tough to find. We chat a lot in here. I’ve been following Mark’s journey for over two years now. When I first started he was cutting. He got down in the low to mid 180s for the '17 T-ransformation Challenge.

If you’re looking for his cutting stuff then you’ll have to go back to 2016 to find the start.


I think I’m going to appoint @JMaier31 my custodian of records. He probably knows this log better than I do.

@samul I haven’t actually dieted in over year. I did diet from mid 2016 to mid 2017. It started out as me being sick of being fat after trying to get bigger and ended up with seeing how lean I could get. I was sitting around 230 lbs but was nowhere even close to competitive even a weight class down. At my height I knew I’d have to be at least in the 220s to have a shot, but a lean 220. So I got reasonably lean and hit around 185 lbs, and realised I had very little muscle and I was way weaker than I was prepared to be. I was ok at 181 but still not competitive, and I felt like shit.

The next phase was getting to a lean 220 lbs. By the time I was a leanish 200 lbs I realised I’d probably need to shoot for 242 lbs at least. Around that time I signed on with Team Panora and it didn’t take long for me to figure out 265 was a good target before even thinking of leaning out again.