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Oh no you din’t.

BBQ - verb, to grill meat over a flame or charcoal.
BBQ - adjective used to describe a cooking method - barbecued chicken

I grew up in Oregon and barbecuing meant grilling some dogs or burgers and drinking a few beers.

Then, I went to training at corporate headquarters in Alabama and barbecue meant pulled pork in a tomato based sauce on a hamburger bun with coleslaw.

Then, I went to visit cousins in North Carolina and had a smoked pork shoulder shredded with a vinegar based sauce. I understand South Carolina uses a mustard based sauce.

And, of course, there is Kansas City barbecue, Memphis barbecue, and Texas barbecue.

For erudition, I humbly submit this:


BBQ’s here down under are basically a jimmys root, get around a fiddybuck jumbuck from mitre 10, get the boys, knock down a cupla longys of new, 8 buck snags from woolies, maybe darl can go get some pretty shit with the ol yeastos from the bakery, fire em up johno tellin yarns with the roo’s tooters until it’s 1am playing king of goon on the clothesline fuck yeah carnnnnn


Reply to @bigjez That was magnificent


I hope for the love of god you can decipher what I wrote because there are some pretty sharp slants we use in there :joy:



Feel like I am reading Shakespeare and have to decipher it.

Thanks for this!


@bigjez makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I bet I could show it to my Kiwi or Aussie friend and they’d have a laugh :slight_smile:
But I had a laugh reading it, could almost hear those two guys talk together.


So in Oregon, BBQ means cooking meat on a barbecue.

On the other hand, in Alabama, BBQ means cooking different meat on a barbecue. Then - crazy stuff - in North Carolina, it means cooking similar but not identical meat on a barbecue.

Don’t even get me started on Kansas City barbecue, Memphis barbecue and Texas barbecue which all involve cooking meat on a barbecue.

Yes. I can see how it has a million nebulous meanings.


Do you wanna know what Aussies cook on BBQ’s?

Drop bears marinated with vegemite and timtams


Fuck oath


Nice obtuseness. The point is in the presentation - rubs, sauces, etc… Otherwise, you have a firm grasp of the obvious.


You forgot the lamb chops while pouring Cooper’s or XXXX on it :+1:


Woke at 248.2 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Maybe some extra lower ab bloating but nothing massive. Feeling less stiff too.


I already mentioned I got 10/20/Life. I’m not done with it yet, but so far I’m really quite impressed. It’s a lot like Base Building in that it’s a principles book rather than a programming book.

What I like especially is how Brian sets out the warmup protocols for each lift; and his weak point index for the lifts. Both are far more extensive than in anything else I’ve read, which means it’s actually helpful. He also stresses the importance of longevity and fatigue management.

The structure of the training so far isn’t at all that different to Greg’s, although Brian advocates sticking with supplemental and assistance lifts for full cycles on the basis that you’re looking to get better at them. That’s the builder lift idea, really. That said, Greg is programming for a large number of people so he has to cover all bases in terms of weak points. His approach of constantly varying supplemental exercises, assistance exercises and the reps and sets is a smart way of increasing the effectiveness of a nonspecific approach. Brian assumes that you’re working on a n=1 basis, so you can be super specific. I don’t doubt Greg does that with the people he trains face to face. The supplemental and assistance exercises Brian lists are very similar what Greg uses.

Anyway, I’d recommend having a read of it


I’m enjoying the fact that I’m deloading this coming week (instead of the week after); and what I’m enjoying more is that I’m even now starting to want to train again. This tells me two things: that I caught myself in time; and it was the right call to deload early. Ok, Greg giving me his blessing told me that too.


Woke at 247.6 lbs, looking much the same as yesterday.


You’re killing it man, congrats. How big are you trying to get?


I’m shooting for 265 lbs give or take. I figure that’s what I need at my height.


Smart. What are your best lifts, offhand? Just curious, I know you’re a very strong guy.


One would hope. I’m sitting on 556/308/617 so I’m sitting WELL below what a dude a good 40 lbs lighter still wouldn’t call that strong. You can tell by my physique too. My arms and shoulders are pretty small and my back and legs are only just starting to grow.

I need to hit that 265 lbs and then let it mature if that makes sense. Squat and DL will go 600+/650+ soon enough if I keep following Greg’s orders. Bench will probably take longer to get to the 350+ mark and I won’t be surprised if it coincides with my physique starting to look like someone who has a decent bench.


Wow. Good stuff. Eat away! Greg knows his stuff, obviously.