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MarkKO's Training Log


What are those blue shoes that you wear?



They’re Asics Matflexes. Wresting shoes


Woke at 246.6 lbs, bloated courtesy of a large, salty and late dinner. Back on antidepressants again too. Was pretty upset by that yesterday, but luckily Mrs KO mentioned to be that I’ve been showing the signs for a week or two. I’d have missed it if she hadn’t seen it. Explains why I’ve been sleeping like shit and been devoid of any kind of energy or patience.


Hope you’ll be feeling better soon mate


Thanks man. I’ll come good. It’s just kind of scary how it crept up on me.


understandable mate, thoughts and prayers are with you


What kind of anti depressants do you take? Mine work in a way that they build up to a certain level in the blood. So for them to work to their full effect, it takes three weeks of constant intakes and also approximately 3 weeks of not taking any for them to no longer have any effect.

Which makes stopping them scarier because you may figure out too late that you made a mistake and then it would take a certain amount of time to turn back.

May I also ask if you have ever been to therapy?


I’m on SSRIs (fluoxetine to be precise). Doesn’t take long to work, maybe four days. Same for it to wear off once I’ve stopped using it.

I haven’t been to therapy. Possibly something I should try.


I recommend it. Have a try, if you don’t see any value after a few weeks you can still quit.
Also my medication falls under SSRIs as well.


Therapy has a stigma here in the US. It’s not manly to go talk about your feelings. Well I think it’s more manly to identify your problems and work to fix them than it is to be stubborn and “tough it out”.

Mark, I admire that you try to get off the meds. It shows that you’re not being a mindless zombie about it. I also admire that you accept when you need a little help and take advantage of your resources.


Thanks guys :smirk:

I’ll definitely look into therapy. It wouldn’t hurt to address the root cause, if there is one.


It’s okay not to be okay, and with the support system you have with your little family and all of us mate, we are all here for you


This sums up men’s culture in a nutshell. Acknowledging the fact that you have emotions is somehow perceived as feminine.

Also, @MarkKO, feel better.


You guys really are the best :blush:

Yeah, I’m no good at talking about my feelings.

Having had a really good day at work so far, which has helped. Got a go on the ripsaw. Makes timber jerk around a bit…


Todays training

Reverse hyper, planks, air squat (this order is better, I think)

Squat, walked out
5xbar/66 lbs
5xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/242 lbs
2x3 plates/352 lbs
1x396 lbs, belt went on
4x1x445 lbs, bare knees
4x445 lbs, wraps (about six revolutions)

BBer squats
2x10x281 lbs

I really don’t like these much. Hit depth better, though

Goblet squats (replacing leg press)
4x10x53 lbs

Pull ups
Three max rep sets, capped at 10 aiming to get the same number each set
8 wide overhand
8 wide neutral
6 close neutral

That’s a win as far as I’m concerned

Weighted 45 degree back raises
3x12x48 lbs

All up an hour and 40 minutes. I need to pick up the pace.


Woke at 247 lbs, less bloated than yesterday.


Awesome workout great looking squats… as always.

I’ll just second everybody about your way of handling your depressions / emotions, and that the missus can spot it and talk to you about it. It doesn’t work that way in many relationships.


Thanks mate.

I’m definitely lucky.


Todays training

Band work, very thorough KB halos, five pullups, hand release pushups

Bench press
4x3x154 lbs
15x154 lbs
8x154 lbs - ok, actually 3, 2, 1, 2

You guessed it, 10 second break time. Gah. Thought I was going to make the whole lot without extra rests.

Also, squeezing the shit out of my lats helps. Been slacking on that the last couple of weeks until today.

Hell of a pec pump

CGBP to a 2-board
3x10x154 lbs - caught my shirt on the bench setting up on the second set. Didn’t do my setup any good.

DB bench
1 minutex55 lbs - 23ish, didn’t hear the timer finish so went over by 15 seconds. By that time, 15 seconds was three reps.

Lat pulldown
10x132 lbs
3x10x143 lbs

DB militarily press
2x12x44 lbs - surprisingly easy, but light weight too

3x10 - not easy. Lats pumped to hell

All up an hour and 10 minutes. Getting back on pace


Woke at 248.4 lbs, less bloated than yesterday. So that’s a win.