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MarkKO's Training Log


Yeah I’m not 7’. I was thinking I’m bigger than 2 yds (1yd=3 feet). Yard is close to a meter. I wish we would just switch to metric and be done with it


1 yard = 36 inches
1 meter = 39 inches

It’s so close and so irritating!


210 is about 6’9 to 6’10

213cm is 7ft


I personally like the use of odd conversions to say my height
“Wow how tall are you?!”

About 2.4 yards…
Or like… 31 pretzels?

“Did you just say 31 pretzels?”


You were 225 in the third pic? If so, that is good progress.


Yes, thereabouts. So thanks.


I’ve described myself as “five foot fifteen” before which always gets some odd looks.


Today got off to an auspicious start when I left my water bottle at home. Out on site all day installing tables meant I drank about a quarter of what I usually do. Then we worked through lunch, so I ate when I left work which was around a half hour before training. I did score some nice sticks of spotted gum, though (all around 1100 mm long, around 50 thick and wide).

Todays training

Reverse hyper (SERIOUSLY bad idea to do on a full stomach BTW), 45 degree back raises, planks, jumps

DL, stiff bar
3xplate/154 lbs
2x2 plates/264 lbs
1x3 plates/374 lbs, belt on but double overhand (just)
3x1x451 lbs - fuck but I wanted to puke. Couldn’t brace for shit
2x2x451 lbs - fuck these. The bar was moving so fucking slowly
13x451 lbs AFSAP - this SUCKED:

1, nearly gave up. Proper hissy fit.
5, 3, 4 - beltless and a world of difference.

Dimel DL
2x10x281 lbs - used straps. I was fried

Weighted 45 degree back raises
3x10x48 lbs (Bulgarian bag)

DB bent over rows
3x10x20 lbs

An hour and 35 minutes


Starting to feel the bloat Mark ??!


Yes and no. I just folded. I knew I was meant to get 13 reps, hit that first and realised how fucking slow they would all be and folded.

Wasn’t heavy. Just slow. Good, I guess?


It’s all work mate and you did your job. Well done


I agree last night my full gut was getting in the way bigtime.


Woke at 243.1 lbs, bloating way down from the last few days. That’s the dehydration, but I’m happy to see that I still sit around 242.




Todays training

Band work, kb halos, Bulgarian bag halos, band work, seven pull-ups, hand release push-ups

2x13x165 lbs

Skull crushers
3x10x88 lbs

Military press
2x6x132 lbs - I think my pressing is probably at a decent place right now

BB row
2x10x132 lbs - because I really, really couldn’t be fucked to add anything to the bar

DB row
2x10x115 lbs - decided to load up my adjustable handles

Diamond push-ups
2x10 - right shoulder/pec did not appreciate these

Standing crunches
3x15 with red band - kind of meh

All up an hour and 35 minutes


I’ve always thought these are overrated. I feel like they put me at a mechanical disadvantage just for the sake of making the movement harder, but it’s at the expense of my shoulder health. I feel the internal and external rotation during the movement and I don’t enjoy it. I get the same type of feeling with close grip cable rows and pull downs too.


Just to add to this.
Your shoulder is internally rotated on diamond push ups which is bad.
Put your hands just slightly less than shoulder wide rotate the hands out so the shoulders are externally rotated much better for shoulder health.


Woke at 245.3 lbs, no significant bloating. Can’t figure that out given I ate a ton of pizza for dinner.

@JMaier31 @mortdk I totally agree. Luckily Greg doesn’t prescribe them often. Same with bench dips.


Woke at 246.2 lbs, little bit bloated but not much.


Getting close to two fiddy