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MarkKO's Training Log


That makes sense, I’m at 3000 calories right now and gaining very slow.
I’m 85 kg and you’re a bit more weight and a lot more muscle, keeping them muscles alive requires some fuel.
I think your work is a bit hard but give it a month more and you’ve adapted to it.


Ditched training today. I need the rest, TBH. My quads are still sore for some reason, until this morning my lats were sore too. I think I may have been doing some work this week :joy:

Fuck, this deload fell perfectly.


Sometimes a couple of days off is better than going and plowing through a half assed session.


It’s funny how there are two schools of thought on this. Sometimes I read articles or posts where people encourage others to grind even when tired or sick. They cite the “something is better than nothing” approach. Other times I see this type of statement where people applaud shutting it down when tired/sick/etc.

I think resting is the way to go. Quality over quantity. I’ve also learned that resting when I feel like garbage is more beneficial and grinding and suffering. I used to train when I was sick (sinus infection type stuff). I eventually learned that it prolonged my recovery from the illness and I had horrible workouts. The workouts produced nothing.

My experience says to shut it down and fully recover so I can get back to quality sessions sooner.


I’m in for the shut it down thing as well.
But I don’t like not doing anything for a week or more, then I would do some neural charge training or lower the volume and intensity.


Im still sore from my squat session on Wednesday and I olny worked two work sets and shut it down. I think the combo of not eating full calories and a little cold has left me in a recovery problem. I ate big yesterday and I feel much better but the little cough thing is hanging around. We will bench on Saturday and dead on Sunday. The crew I’m lifting with don’t want to deload so we will grind out these next week and a half.


With all due respect that just means they’re dumb. No reason for you to follow suit.


Woke at 240.2 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. Slept well and long. Finally.

When it comes to shutting down or not, if I’m deloading I’m happy to drop a day or so if I feel like it’ll help. Deloading is there to manage fatigue. During regular training I might move things back a day or so, but unless I’m injured I won’t shut anything down.

This time round I’ve just been lucky that the one week where I feel like garbage, have had no sleep and had to do a bunch extra physical work for work fell during a deload.


For real, that’s what you call chronic overreaching. The three most basic principles of training are specificity, overload, and fatigue management. If you are missing one of those then you won’t go far.


Woke at 240.7 lbs, less bloated. Only ate breakfast and dinner yesterday, still managed to hit around 4000 calories. Probably dehydrated.


Big servings there Mark.


Yeah, not wrong there mate.

Last day of deload. Probably as rested as I’m going to be. Going to go back to eating properly (by that I mean mostly rice for carbs apart from cereal for breakfast, some kind of meat or beans for protein). Yesterday and today kind of ate whatever and not really well. Hopefully I start moving up the scale again too, because it’s been a couple of weeks that I’ve been stuck around 240-242 lbs.

Probably could have physically rested more this weekend but got stuck into tidying up the car port and sorting through a bunch of tools I got at a liquidation auction yesterday, as well as making the carport more of an outdoor workshop. Did well at the auction, got some sash clamps, a tool belt, some files, a tool chest (needs a new lock, but I can fit it), a power fan and some other bits and bobs for way less than they’re worth. Then today I cleaned up a shelf I got for free to use in the garden, which meant planing a it down and sanding it; and when that was done started making a toybox out of some MDF scraps I got from work. Cut the base panel well enough, but got stuck on the first side panel and got the shits. I’m trying to make it with mitre joins, and my little power saw has a guide for that but for no reason I could figure out it kept pulling away from the fence I rigged up. First quarter cut fine, then it went off no matter what I did. On the plus side, pulling away means I didn’t lose the panel. I’ll figure it out, maybe I just need a couple more clamps to hold the piece to my work bench.

Pissed me off for a good hour though.


Woke at 242 lbs, looking the same as yesterday. Feeling pretty rested too. There’s two wins right there.

Also figured out what was going wrong with my cut yesterday: the offcut is quite long and I was an idiot and didn’t support it, so as I cut it sagged and pulled away on the sawblade. I also figured out how to set up a better fence. It’s amazing what you can do just lying in bed trying to sleep.


Today’s training

Bodyweight reverse hypers, air squats, planks

Squat, mono (working in with the PL crew because the gym opened an hour late)
5xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/242 lbs
2x3 plates/330 lbs
3x3x385 lbs - belt on
5x385 lbs
13x385 lbs - need to watch that falling forward

Wide stance squat (feet two inches wider each)
3x3x385 lbs - how did I ever fucking squat like this?

BBer squat
12x253 lbs - it was on the bar, should have been 242 lbs
12x242 lbs

Seated row
4x12x88 lbs - rigged it up on the chest supported row machine by hooking straps onto the handles and sitting back. Worked a treat


All up an hour and 40 minutes. It’d have been just over an hour if I wasn’t working in with the PL crew. Got some spotting practice though.


I think this is close to a PR for me…




Is that an app you use to track things , what’s it called? Maybe I should start doing that


Total tools are supposed to be having a big sale in November… Not that you need more tools…


Woke at 244.9 lbs, looking a bit bloated around lower ab. Ate late, up early so that fits.

@Spock81 it’s called MyFitnessPal. I’ve been using it for a while.


Mark - I admittedly rarely know what you guys are talking about when you use all the powerlifting jargon. But, I must ask: what is meant by F*cking Spiders???