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MarkKO's Training Log


Yes, around the end of 2016 I think. That’s when it really kicked off and I started heading into the 180s. Then by late 2017 I was back around 198 or so.


Tried releasing my left forearm and elbow: wrapped the floss band around it as tight as I could, lay on the floor with it out to my side and sat a small DB on it and then sat a kb on the DB. Mrs KO kindly held the bell. Sat it there for maybe five minutes, then did a bunch of finger extensions against an elastic band (also on the left hand). I think it helped, but I’ll find out tomorrow.


Woke at 240.7 lbs, looking similar to yesterday but a tad less bloated. Right forearm feeling better. Win.


Woke at 242.7 lbs, only very slightly bloated compared to yesterday.


Boy you is fat !!! Lol


Todays training

Air squats, 45 degree back raises, bodyweight reverse hypers, planks

Squat, walked out
5xplate/149 lbs
3x2 plates/237 lbs
2x346 lbs - meant to be three plates/314 lbs but fuck calibrated plates and adding them up, and also explains why this felt heavier than I expected, especially beltless
1x401 lbs, belt on
4x1x445 lbs - yeesh. Ok, though
2x445 lbs - was in the groove by now, but still yeesh
6x445 lbs - wraps on, most retarded wrapping job ever. Pro tip, sit the fuck down to wrap your knees

Wide stance DB goblet squats (in lieu of wide stance leg press because no leg press)
4x10x66 lbs - my hips do not like this

DB goblet squats
2x12x66 lbs

I should have used the 88 lbs DB but between being smoked after squats and my forearms giving me some serious attitude, yeah nah.

BB row
10x176 lbs
8x198 lbs
6x220 lbs
4x242 lbs

All up an hour and 40 minutes


Wrapped a floss band around my right upper arm/elbow and ‘body tempered’ it, which means I sat a small DB on the meaty part and sat a kb on it. Need to get a other bell, TBH.


How about belt squats as a replacement for leg press? I imagine a make shift version with a dip belt and two benches/ plyo boxes would work.
Still gets the legs going without spinal load, so might work in place of a leg press


Nice that you got it. Hope it fixes.

Is it like a “forearm splints” feeling? ie like shin splints? I’ve had that several times, it was so brutal. I mean elbows get jacked up all of the time, but forearms not so much - pain in there feels weird.

I should get a floss band, to compress my soleus’s occasionally. Looks like it’d feel good.


If Ultra had a belt squat, that would be awesome. That’s a lot of makeshift and I’d probably fall off.


I do them with the Landmine (barbell jammed in corner of my rack), they do feel awesome, and it allows you to sit back quite a bit, although loading them over 140kg is tricky as the bar tends to pop out from under the plates at the other end and crack ya in the nuts :sob:


Woke at 240.9 lbs, bit less bloated than yesterday. The flossing seems to have helped again too.


Squat video finally decided to upload


Call me picky but I go to considerable lengths to safeguard the integrity of my nuts…


Todays training

Band work, pull-ups (5, grip and back fried), hand release push-ups

Bench press

All work sets with five second rests
5x3x165 lbs
10x165 lbs
5x165 lbs - had to rack and rest after 2, 3 and 4

All up two minutes and 25 seconds

Wide grip bench (pointer finger on rings)
2x8x165 lbs

2x20 - actually kind of easy

DB lateral raises supersetted with DB RDFs
3x10 each with 27/38 lbs

DB tricep extensions
4x10x27 lbs

Inverted rows
3x10 - grip died after first set

All up an hour and 15 minutes. Cuffs on my forearms for much of it, which helped. So did the flossing and opening my fingers against the elastic that keeps the floss band rolled up. It also helped that I didn’t need to pinch grip much at work today. Turns out pinch grip seems to be the main culprit in all this.


Sometimes my hand just doesn’t open afterwards.
Fuck physical labour :joy:


Woke at 240.9 lbs, a bit bloated. Didn’t sleep super well so I’m guessing that may be part of it.


Woke at 240.5 lbs, bloating has subsided some. Forearms better again.


Really didn’t want to train today, continuing this week’s trend. It’s because deads were heavy last week and are barely lighter this week AND squats this week were heavy. I’m adjusting to my new working maxes and everything is perfectly doable but fuck me dead it’s work.

Todays training

Bodyweight reverse hypers, 45 degree back raises, planks, jumps

DL, stiff bar
3xplate/154 lbs - gave in to the calibrated plates. Deadlifting is bad enough without having to do extra maths
3x264 lbs
2x374 lbs - belt on but double overhand first rep
1x429 lbs - I’d have gone 484 lbs but that was heavier than my working sets
4x2x478 lbs
8x478 lbs - well fuck me. Decided to count down from 10 and kept going until I was pretty certain I wouldn’t complete the next rep

Dead stop DL (reset each rep)
2x5x396 lbs - first set was the worst set of pulls I have perpetrated in a long, long time. Second set was fine

Weighted back raises
4x10x44 lbs

Lat pulldowns
3x8x154 lbs - only remembered to pull my elbows back and squeeze by the third set

Air squats
50 total reps - 50, fuck you Greg

All up an hour and 30 minutes


Nice work mark. Makes my efforts seem rather pathetic !!