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MarkKO's Training Log


Being a couple of friends always takes a bit more time.

But I like it, when there’s somebody to chat to and have a laugh, not every time but occasionally :slight_smile:


I usually take a bit of extra time when Alex is there. We talk training, he’s been at it couple of years less and I try to save him some mistakes. Recently we also discuss straps because he’s making some.


Woke at 227 lbs, some very minor bloating. Not as much as I expected given what I ate yesterday, so win.


Woke at 228.6 lbs, but less bloated than yesterday. Salt, again? No idea. Look ok, so not too fussed.


It’s all them muscles building huge :slight_smile:


Woke at 226.8 lbs, all bloat gone. Feeling pretty good too.


Today’s training

Leg extensions, GHR sit-ups, lateral and broad jumps

3xbar (I think)
5xplate/143 lbs
3x2 plates/231 lbs
2x3 plates/319 lbs, open belt
4x2x368 lbs, second two sets with wraps around 6 revolutions
13x368 lbs, wraps 7 revolutions - no negative impact on my groove. Feels like about 220 lbs coming up for the first few reps, then a bit of work past halfway as the set progressed

Front squat
8x231 lbs
6x242 lbs
4x253 lbs

DB goblet squats
2x10x115 lbs

45 degree back raises
3x10 with 44 lbs

Lat pulldowns
3x10x154 lbs

Took an hour and 45 minutes. No idea why, but squats alone took longer than usual


It’s so different than a year ago :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to see how much you’ve progressed with this programming.


So am I. The ERM for today is 525 lbs, and it’s a shade over what I’ll shoot for during my peak so I guess that’s good.


Lately the way I look at the high rep estimated 1rm is something I will be able to work up to provided I stay consistent and work progressively up to the weight. At least that is how I justify the higher rep sets…


Woke at 231 lbs, and for some weird reason looking watery but not really bloated. We did have dinner out yesterday and I had a couple of beers so maybe that?

@losthog honestly ERM is pretty useless in terms of predicting what you’re capable of, unless it’s based on a triple. I think I’m good for around 525 lbs now, but that’s nothing to do with yesterday. Rather, I know I’m stronger now than I was mid last year when I hit 505 lbs.


Today’s training

Back feeling tired.

Pull-ups and hand release push-ups (8 each, pull-ups took some effort)

Bench press
2x186 lbs
2x1x220 lbs
2x220 lbs
3x220 lbs

Adjusted to comp bench. Bar moved like nothing.

DB bench
Instructions were to keep it reasonably light
10x65 lbs
10x70 lbs
2x10x75 lbs

DB rows
3x10x130 lbs

Front plate raise
50 total reps with 33 lbs: 25, 25 rest/pause

3x10 at bodyweight

All up an hour 10 minutes including some helping out


Woke at 228.6 lbs, looking similar to yesterday. No bloat, watery-ish.


Woke looking similar to the last two days. Scale won’t turn on, probably needs batteries.


or your big fat ass crushed it to death


There is that. I’ll replace the batteries and see.

Fun fact: I may be fat but I can also lift Mrs KO off the top bunk when she finished getting munchkin to sleep and didn’t want to wake him.


What’s Plan B if that doesn’t work?


Eventually get a new scale, but I don’t think I’d be in a rush. I’d probably start using a tape measure more.


Whew, I thought you were going to say cut.


Today’s training

45 degree back raises, GHR sit-ups and box jumps

DL, DL bar
3x2 plates
2x3 plates
4x1x341 lbs
2x2x341 lbs
5x341 lbs

Five second rests between sets. Took one minute and 58 seconds (I think). Felt shitty compared to last week, but that’s the fatigue.

Rack pulls from mid shin
2x5x341 lbs - geez I miss leg drive

45 degree back raises
50 total reps with 44 lbs: 20, 20, 10

DB goblet squats
2x10x115 lbs - fuck these when your back is already tired

DB rows
10x100 lbs
10x110 lbs
10x120 lbs
10x130 lbs

All up an hour and 20 minutes