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MarkKO's Training Log


Awesome man.
Great you talked to her :slight_smile:
You’re such a decent person


Aw shucks :blush:

She’s the mother of one of the ladies who trains with one the good PLers at Elite. She’s just got a plain good attitude: she isn’t happy with just going through the motions. She learns, and she improves. Also has a wicked sense of humour.


I do make a point of helping out new people at the gym, especially older and younger. On occasion that’s a waste of time. Usually not.


Burgers: anabolic and anti-viral


Today’s training

Pull-ups and hand release push-ups (7/7)

Bench press
2x176 lbs
4x2x203 lba
13x203 lbs - failed the fourteenth because I was a dick and got caught up with numbers

CGBP to a one-board
2x5x187 lbs

50 total reps: 25, 15, 10

3x10 at bodyweight

DB lateral raises
2x15x25 lbs

Inverted rows

Done in an hour 20 minutes


Goddamn those reps look smooth


When is your next meet, if you have one planned?


Woke at 219.8 lbs, looking similar yesterday and the previous days.

@antagonisticsavant thanks. Right until they didn’t, huh? I’ve still got a lot to learn. Like stopping when I should.

@Destrength July 15. I’ve got this block, a deload, another accumulation block, a deload and then peak.


I am looking forward to it.


So am I @Destrength, so am I. I’m looking to crack 1400 lbs


Woke at 218.7 lbs, looking the same as ‘usual’. I’m getting somewhat confused now, because I’ve been eating over budget most of the last 10 days.


You know what they say, when you are smiling all the time you’re burning cals!!!


Ok, and what would be happening to me then? I mean, I smile on occasion…


I cant get that one smile you posted out of my head, so now you’re always smiling to me lol


Yes Mark is the smiling giant :slight_smile:


You guys :blush:


Random information: last night I dreamt I benched four plates in my single ply shirt. @Destrength handed out to me.


It’s a sign. Go to the gym next time wearing your single ply shirt, slap 4 plates on the bench and push that thing off your chest. No safeties, no spot, no warmup, just all you!


You know what that means, buy me a plane ticket to Australia for a 4 plate bench.


To be honest I am not sure Mark could unrack it solo. I am pretty sure I couldn’t and my PR isn’t that far off (380).

Or maybe I just suck really bad at unracking.