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MarkKO's Training Log


Managed to eat reasonable amounts through the day, but less than I should (again). Hopefully three quarters of a pizza for dinner will help. Gut still feeling off, but can’t do much about that it seems.


Weed for nausea, just saying. It’s getting pretty weird to me here in the US. New York hasn’t legalized it, but in Oregon it’s like going to a convenience store. Bud, edibles, oils, vapes, everything.


Woke at 250.9 lbs, looking a bit bloated. Nausea kicked off within a minute of getting out of bed. Yay.

@The_Myth I wish. Hopefully the ACT will legalise it sooner rather than later. It’s on the table, that I know.


Mark, it’s really not that hard to hide weed/use it in moderation for pain relief. I know it always helped me. If anything, have your wife piss in a cup for you.

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It’s not even that much of an issue. Work wouldn’t care. Wife wouldn’t be too happy until it was legal though.


All’s well that ends well, my good man.

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Todays training

3x10 bracing hip thrusts

10x10 seconds bracing 90/90

DL, stiff bar
2x5xbar - trying to brace properly for 10 reps is just awkward AF
5xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/242 lbs - belt on
2x3 plates/352 lbs - to mixed grip, belt to second tightest notch
1x440 lbs - belt to tightest notch
2x1x517 lbs

Deficit DL from two-ish inches
4x3x373 lbs - awkward to felt very light

2x10x237 lbs - took belt off, all double overhand

Back held up fine

Including rehab and usual stretching and some helping out an hour and 35 minutes


Woke at 248.9 lbs, looking a bit less bloated than yesterday. That’s got to be mostly dehydration as I didn’t drink well yesterday but ate better quantities.


Thought my gut might have been improving slightly when I had breakfast and didn’t feel sick. I was wrong. Couldn’t really eat until again late afternoon and that was just because I decided to force myself to eat.

I’m going to try and get in to see the doctor tomorrow. A week of this shit is more than enough. I think it’s starting to impact my energy levels.


A week with a bad stomach is more that enough.
I’ll hope your doc is able to find a reason and a cure.

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A bad stomach is no fun at all. :-1:t3: Get it taken care of quickly before it has the opportunity to get worse.

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Woke at 248.2 lbs, looking less bloated. Hydration yesterday was better, too.


Woke at 250.4 lbs, looking bloated compared to yesterday. Which, I’m happy to say, is because I’m still holding on to everything I ate. Win.

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I’ve managed to keep all mine in for the last 2 days too. Although I think the gastro stop helped with that.

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If I wasnt lazy, I’d have gone and gotten some. As it is, I think I’m about back to normal. Thank fuck, because I have to take a max squat in about two hours.


I sense a shart coming up!!

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Todays training

3x10 bracing hip thrusts

10x10 seconds bracing 90/90

2x5xbar/60 lbs - felt off. Probably thinking too much about bracing
5xplate/148 lbs - better
3x2 plates/236 lbs - belt on, better again
2x3 plates/346 lbs - wraps at five revolutions, monolift from hereon in
1x418 lbs - wraps at five revolutions
1x484 lbs - six revolutions
1x528 lbs - seven revolutions
1x572 lbs - eight very painful revolutions and not as snappy as I’d have liked but I’ll sure as hell take it

My logic was that I haven’t had enough time - or training - since last meet to accumulate enough fatigue to adapt to to get stronger. So, going for a small PR over my last meet numbers would be dumb. I settled for five pounds more than last peak’s fatigued max. Following Greg’s system for numbers that still gives me a PR on meet day.

Bench and deadlift to go.

I’m low key pretty chuffed that I can have a crook gut for a week on top of a couple of months of rehabbing my back and very little training and squat North of 550 lbs. I think my base strength has gone up.


Nice work on the rep, not so good with the video !!!

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I like the way you very nonchalant put the belt over the plates, great effort.
Good to read you can handle heavy weights again.

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Woke at 249.8 lbs, looking much less bloated than yesterday.

@simo74 @mortdk technical difficulties.

Here it is