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MarkKO's Training Log


Where da two fitty at?

Time for a refeed.

Obvs, just kidding.


Woke at 248.9 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.

@The_Myth I’ve been asking the same question. I’m pleased that I’m hanging at 248 lbs though.


Woke at 250.9 lbs, looking more bloated than yesterday but not by much.


Woot woot!


Todays training

McGill big three, reverse hyper and air squats

Squat, walked out
5xplate/170 lbs
3x2 plates/258 lbs - hoooo boy today is going suck big donkey balls
5x2x302 lbs - should have been four. Lost count and erred on the side of caution
2x6x302 lbs

Belted up for these because it finally clicked that until the end of peak all I’m trying to do is stay in one piece. That’s all I CAN do right now.

Olympic squats
3x5x302 lbs

Fuck these and also beltless because the descent is so much slower.

Goblet squats
30x53 lbs, constant tension on quads

Lat pulldown
4x10x143 lbs - focused on flaring my lats, rewarded with great MMC

Done in an hour and 10 minutes

Got home, opened a beer and then Mrs KO brought me some baklava as a treat.


Woke at 250.4 lbs, bloated as yesterday but that was very obviously yesterday’s dinner sitting. Apparently over half a pack of ravioli, a tub of baklava and a big cup of milk do that.


Milk is your friend!


In moderation, yes. More than two litres a day or one litre at a time and I start having issues.


Man this speaks to me
Ive only recently reintroduced it, I had a period of about 6 months where it was almond milk for coffees, but otherwise no milk
2 weeks of drinking it again, and my weight has just gone up like crazy and on full bloatation station mode looking 9 months pregnant


Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation thing, six wide overhand pullups, hand release pushups

Bench press
3x176 lbs
5x3x214 lbs - these moved well.

Bench to a 2-board
2x5x220 lbs

Skull crushers
10x77 lbs
8x88 lbs
6x100 lbs

Weighted pushups
2x10 with 55 lbs - I’m pretty happy with this. Definitely harder than bodyweight only but nothing terrible. Video’s there too for shits and giggles

DB row
3x12x88 lbs

Band facepulls
2x15xlight band

All up an hour and 20 minutes, helped a mate with his DL for a little.

Still not wearing my cuff as the tattoo’s still healing and if anything, my forearm is better. Win.


Those moved fast Mark. Looking good and strong.


Thanks mate. It was a nice surprise. For once, 75% moved like 75% should.


Woke at 250.4 lbs, looking a little less bloated than yesterday.


Yer bench moved real quick there mark. Whatever you are doing is deff working.


Add bodyweight. Helps every time.


Woke at 249.6 lbs, looking very similar to y yesterday. That’s the longest I’ve held 250 lbs so far, will do what I can to get back there tomorrow.


Todays training

McGill big three and reverse hyper

DL, DL bar
3xplate/154 lbs
3x2 plates/242 lbs
1x3 plates/352 lbs - double overhand but belt on
1x4 plates/440 lbs - to mixed grip, belt needed tightening and when my shirt started getting caught it came off because I wasn’t putting up with that shit right now. Also hot.
4x1x496 lbs
6x496 lbs

Best deadlifts have felt since I went to fourth week deloads, which is maybe three months or more.

SSB good morning

Ok, fuckery here. Instructions were to use moderately heavy weight. Started off with the squat bar, went to 258 lbs and couldn’t get the bar to stop shifting. So unloaded and switched to the SSB. Same weight, realised it was also too heavy. Dropped down to 198 lbs.

3x6x198 lbs

Weighted step ups
2 minutes and 30 seconds with 70 lbs (every chain I could find) - was actually three minutes and 30 seconds because I set my timer to two hours and 30 seconds and didn’t realise until I checked and then still didn’t realised what I’d done for around 10 seconds.

Bent over DB rows
10x44 lbs
10x49 lbs
10x55 lbs
10x60 lbs

Seated hamstring curls
2x18x66 lbs

An hour and 35 minutes thanks to the fuckery.


I hate this!


DL looks great Mark


It’s hot ok!