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MarkKO's Training Log


Happy to hear this


Woke at 245.8 lbs again, looking similar to yesterday.


Ultra is closed, ended up suspending my standards and going to Club Lime in Belconnen.

Todays training

Air squats

Squat, walked out
5xbar - fuck squatting with a standard bar

Saw a safety bar, Club Lime immediately becoming less shit

5xplate/154 lbs
5x3x253 lbs

5 wide-ish neutral-ish grip pullups - tricep was just ok with these. Feels more like a help of a knot, but definitely didn’t want to push past five reps in case

Bench press
2x5xbar - SSB good, bench very bad
5x3x138 lbs

5xplate/154 lbs
5x3x281 lbs - no issues with tricep at all

All up 45 minutes, of which maybe 10 was chatting to a guy who was doing some pretty good deficit pulls



i had a slight pull in my left armpit as well, the last 4 days or so. but i didn’t get it from beasting out with barbells. no idea how it happened to me. lmfao.

glad it’s better!


Mrs KO bugged me for long enough to shave I bugged her enough to help (apparently she wanted that results but not the work). Figured I’d take some shots. This right after lunch.

Official 2019 T-ransformation Announcement Thread

Your smile is beautiful


How would you know, you’ve never seen it?


Praise jesus for facebook


He was the first inspirational posts guy


Happy New Year Mark :slight_smile:


Happy new year mark!


Woke at 247.3 lbs but looking noticeably less bloated than yesterday. Left tricep is just stiff.


Woke at 248.5 lbs, looking the same as yesterday.


Todays training

Chad Aichs lower back stretch, SuperD shoulder stabilisation thing, band work, hand release pushups

Dead press
3x176 lbs
5x1x209 lbs

Military press
2x5x132 lbs

BB rows
8x132 lbs
8x176 lbs
2x8x220 lbs

Weighted dips
3x8 with 15ish lbs of chain - for some reason easier than bodyweight dips have been.

Weighted situps
3x15 with 44 lbs

All up an hour and five minutes. Triceps held up absolutely fine.


Surely im not the only person who see’s the irony in this


Well, I didn’t until now…


Woke at 248.9 lbs, looking similar to yesterday.


Glad to hear that the tricep scare seems to be nothing! Glad you are staying healthy


Woke at 248.2 lbs, looking similar or even less bloated than yesterday.