MarkKO's Training Log

I’ve had lots of elbow issues, this is how I keep it in check, some of it may help you:

I finish each training session with either: high rep Axle or Fat Gripz Curls (think 100+), Hammer Curls or Reverse Curls. I try to get one of each of these in as every now and again one is painful when the other’s arent. I vary tempo, rep ranges, sometimes use fat gripz sometimes not on the hammer and reverse curls.

I stretch shoulders 3-4 times per week - especially internal rotation and lats

I use Iron Mind “Expand Your Hand” bands x4 per week for 3x12-20 on 3 bands (so 9 sets)x just while watching TV or during lunch. I wouldn’t recommend these particular bands as they slip a bit which is a pain in the ass but they still get the job done. There are ones with loops for your fingers to slip into which would get rid of that issue but I haven’t tried them so not sure how good they are.

I massage x2 per week for 10-15 minutes, after a hot shower or bath.

I stay away from heavy isolation biceps work (anything under 10 reps is asking my elbows for a fight)

My elbows were bad enough that I couldn’t do a pullup and this routine keeps them pretty happy.