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MarkKO's Training Log


Woke at 240.5 lbs, looking the same as yesterday. I’m guessing salt. Nothing else can account for that kind of a jump I don’t think.


Wow that’s a decent jump. 280 here you come lol


Today’s training

Reverse hyper, air squats, planks

You can get your bottom dollar I made sure my abs were firing and my back was ready

Squat, mono
5xplate/143 lbs
5x2 plates/231 lbs
2x10x297 lbs - first set beltless to test, second set loose 10 mm (which I could close further than last week by a hole) for safety

Close stance squat (feet two inches closer in)
2x10x297 lbs - belt again, by the end lower back was pretty pumped up but in a good way

Front squat
13x154 lbs

Bodybuilder squat (close stance, high bar, no lockout)
2x15x154 lbs - after the first set I thought I could have gone heavier but when I had to rest/pause the second set my wisdom in staying light was revealed

Hamstring curl
100 total reps at 33 lbs, 10 second rests: 17, something like 3x7 then 5s to 90 and then 10

Fuck me

BB curls - aka curls in the mono
4x15x55 lbs - stretched hams, quads, back between sets

Done in an hour 20 minutes

Now off to first day of new job.


Good luck finding the wood stretcher!


Mark you’re awesome, great work mate.
Good luck on the new job.


Aw shucks :blush:

Thanks @mortdk

Had a more satisfying day at work than I can remember in a long time. Couldn’t find the wood stretcher though @FlatsFarmer


Glad to hear that


If you ever find that youre after a sea change and you finish your trade, come move up to the coast and work with me
Cabinet makers and glaziers go pretty much hand in hand, there are 2 guys who are qualified cabbies who work with me
Brilliant trade to get in mate, glad you enjoy it


Woke at 238.5 lbs, a bit bloated.

Thanks @bigjez I’ll bear that in mind


Today’s training

Band work, hand release push-ups

Bench press
2x10x170 lbs

Wide grip bench press (pointer finger on rings)
2x10x170 lbs

CGBP to a 1-board
13x132 lbs

Weighted push-ups
3x15 with 22 lbs on my back

CGBP to a 3-board
2x25x110 lbs

Diamond push-ups
3x10 - fuck these

All up an hour and 10 minutes


I agree these are not nice. How were your wrists ?


Fine. My triceps shut down, though.


Woke at 238.5 lbs, looking about the same as the last couple of days. Hamstrings are currently experiencing some of the worst DOMS I’ve had in a while. A bit tight too, but TBH it’s hard to tell what’s DOMS and what’s tightness right now.


Woke at 239.1 lbs, bloating has finally gone down a bunch. DOMS might be subsiding too.


Yeah they be hard!!! Would have been a different story when you weighed 185 :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I think Mark ist doing great on bodyweight movements with his bodyweight. I am a little heavier than Mark (around 260 lbs) and believe me, bodyweight stuff gets really difficult once you increase in weight. When I was like 225-240 I could do like 8-10 pull ups without training them much. Nowadays (still not training them) it is more like 3-4.


I’m hoping I can still get 10 pull ups when I get to 260 lbs. I can tell that I’m slower now that I’m up 20 lbs. My brain has the same expectations (times on specific runs/sprints) but my body doesn’t comply. I forget that I’m heavier and just think my performance has decreased.


At 265/270 pull-ups are brutal for me. When I was 255 I could hit 5-7 easy. 3 is hard af


So was tying my shoelaces and wiping my backside.


Today’s training

Reverse hyper, 45 degree back raises, planks, jumps - just a note that with planks I do them differently before squats than I do before deadlifts: for each one, I mimic my bracing for the lift. So for squats I focus more on squeezing my lower back, glutes and abs; but for deadlifts I focus on squeezing my lats, abs and lower back.

Deadlift, stiff bar
5x2 plates
2x10x330 lbs - set one beltless, set two belted

Squats and bench are fine for reps. Deadlifts I fucking detest. Everything just screams that the bar was perfectly fine where it was on the floor. Picking it up once is already stupid. Doing so multiple times is just fucking wrong.

Rack pull from mid shin
2x10x330 lbs - kept belt on, first set all double overhand. Second set switched to mixed grip after the third rep.

DL without touching the floor
13x220 lbs

Lat pulldowns
12x154 lbs - too heavy for another set
12x143 lbs - same
2x12x132 lbs

Inverted row
1xmax reps: 12

Standing Arnold press
4x8x30 lbs - shit kept getting in the way bringing them to my front

All up an hour and 25 minutes.