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MarkKO's Training Log


Weighed in at 232.3 lbs in boxers and socks - Burley Strength scale always weighs me about 2.2 lbs below mine. So that’s good for my Glossbrenner if it comes to that, although as far as I know there are only two other guys in the 242s and one of them looks like I’ll beat for sure. The other I’m not sure. He was selling a squat bar on facebook, and I’m pretty sure I saw him as I left weigh in. Taller than me, bigger arms and chest but legs and back not so much that I could see. That could go either way. I’m thinking he’ll beat my bench, squat and deadlift will be closer.


Oh, also, warmup area has two monolifts so no worries about warming up.

Meet director confirmed it’s going to be two flights, so it’ll run fast BUT they’re 14-person flights so within each flight I’ll have time. It just means I’ll be warming up almost immediately after each flight finishes. This is the part where I’m thankful AF I’ve gotten used to quick warmups and moving through training fast.


Good luck man! PR TIME!!


Get after it man!



go get it!


Not long until bedtime. Gone through a bit over 4.5 litres of fluid today so I think I’m pretty well rehydrated. Around a litre and a half was Gatorade, a bit under a litre of sweet tea (I stumbled onto @bauber magic juice a few months ago) and the rest water.


Smash it man. Good luck!


Woke at 233.6 lbs, feeling pretty good. Looking similar to yesterday, not as tight and a tad more bloated so rehydration seems to have worked. Slept reasonably too.


Loaded up and looks like T minus 3.5 hours so you should be sleeping or eating right now.

May the Force be with You!!!


Just finished my first mug of sweet tea and making the second. I’ll head out in an hour or so to mark out my space and hang out.


@BOTSLAYER also there’s one of Australia’s top female SHWs competing today. She’ll be worth a watch, missed 660 lbs squat by a hair on depth last meet she did. Also Ariel Dencio in the 220s, he’s one of the better BBers in the country and should put on a decent showing.


Get it bruddah!!


great deadlift mate!!!



Positively shocking Markko went 9 for 9 :smile:

252.5-140-280 for 3rds!!!

I tried uploading score card but i am on my phone in bed. Burley Strength has it on their FB though.


Saw the clips on his Facebook, bloody quality. Well down Mark


Ok, meet recap before I pass out.

Before I start, thanks @BOTSLAYER for posting my scores, much appreciated and thank you so much for tuning in when you could have been asleep. @bigjez same goes because I suspect you’re nursing a decent hangover.

Got in early, as usual, around 0930. Helped set up, because it may sound old-fashioned but I’m a guest in their gym so I feel I should help out some. Obviously hydrated AF because I couldn’t stop peeing :joy: Greg’s instructions were to be aggressive but smart.


Two flight meet (14 and 15, so still decent time between attempts), so I started warming up as the first flight hit their last warmups. Hadn’t done shit since Sunday (possibly unwise) but I didn’t feel stiff or anything. Warmups felt good. Used a wrap-roller for the first time, and it’s awesome. Saves my hands a ton, even though it’s just rolling the wraps up. I warmed up as I normally do: bar, plate, two plates, three plates with wraps, four plates with wraps.

Go time. First time I ever managed to time my wrapping right: start wrapping when the guy two out is on the platform. First attempt was 484 lbs, felt fine. Second attempt 539 lbs, was work but OK. Didn’t brace well, and that wasn’t smart. Booked in third as 255 lbs and promptly sat on a sharp corner of some seating not long before I started wrapping. Got a nice butt mark from that. Braced much better on my third, and that made life much easier. Pickup could have been better but nothing terrible. Landed me a 16 lbs PR, and top of the three 242s competing.

No videos due to a technical difficulty, but @BOTSLAYER and @bigjez will confirm I did it :joy: also that I still look small AF.

Ate a little and got ready for bench.


Again warmed up as usual. Last warmup was 242 lbs, and my lower back signalled that it was seriously considering cramping up. Got a buddy to apply some liniment, which helped, also some very careful foam rolling. Looked like the press calls were being consistent today, and also very reasonable. Bonus.

Time to work. Opened with 269 lbs, felt fine. Second was 302 lbs, felt good. Big deal for me because that’s my first 300+ lbs bench in meet (missed it twice in meet on separate occasions). Booked in 308 lbs as my third to play it safe. Got it with some work, and very glad I didn’t push for 315 lbs. Sticking with Greg’s instructions, now sitting 16 lbs behind the leader of the 242s whose bench (as expected) was a fair whack better than mine.

Time a little food and more liniment, and decided to have some pre-trainer because I could feel the fatigue start to build. Mostly I wanted to be able to focus.


Warmups as usual (plate to five plates in plate increments). Last one was 484 lbs, felt OK but not exactly explosive. Didn’t do much good for my nerves. I’m really going to need a new belt soon, because I’m running out of holes.

Time to end it. Opened at 539 lbs, and opted for a whiff of ammonia (Brain Grenade), which helped (as did a good backslap from Justin). It went up nicely, which boosted my confidence a bunch. Booked in 600 lbs as my second. More ammonia, more backslap and 600 lbs goes up very nicely, for another small milestone. It helped that I didn’t kick the bar a few inches forward. Booked in 616 lbs as my third, which I’ll be honest I couldn’t quite get my head around but I was damn sure I wasn’t going to let go of it until I either locked it out or passed out. This time I went to fucking town on the ammonia and Justin went to town on my back. I had to rein myself in a bit when I grabbed the bar, which made all the difference and it came up with a fight for a 50 lbs PR.

That took me to first on the 242s with a 1479 lbs total and a 93 lbs PR.


Congrats man, awesome work!


Great stuff buddy, congratulations!


Hell yeah, awesome!


Nicely done man, congrats!